Signatures 2016

The Open Letter to Prime Minister Turnbull and all MPs calling for a National Refugee Summit and a Just and Humane Approach for Refugees has been signed by over 2,375 academics from various Australian tertiary institutions.

Below is the complete list of all signatures to date:

  1. Aaron Magro, La Trobe University
  2. Abigail Taylor, University of Sydney
  3. Dr Adam Broinowski, Australian National University
  4. Professor Adam David Morton, University of Sydney
  5. Dr Adam Gall, University of Sydney
  6. Dr Adam Henschke, Australian National University
  7. Dr Adam Hochman, Macquarie University
  8. Professor Adam McCluskey, University of Newcastle
  9. Dr Adam Stebbing, Macquarie University
  10. Dr Adam Vogel, University of Melbourne
  11. Dr Adele M E Jones, Independent Scholar
  12. Associate Professor Adele Wessell, Southern Cross University
  13. Adrian Berenger, Victoria University
  14. Adrian Farrugia, Curtin University
  15. Associate Professor Adrian Hearn, University of Melbourne
  16. Dr Afrooz Najafzadeh, University of Western Australia
  17. Dr Agnieszka Sobocinska, Monash University
  18. Dr Aidan Davison, University of Tasmania
  19. Aidan Stewart, Swinburne University of Technology
  20. Dr Aim Sinpeng, University of Sydney
  21. Associate Professor Ainsley Newson, University of Sydney
  22. Dr Airdre Grant, Southern Cross University
  23. Dr Akshir Ab Kadir, Monash University
  24. Alan Hill, RMIT University
  25. Dr Alan Libert, University of Newcastle
  26. Professor Alan Morris, University of Technology Sydney
  27. Professor Alan Rosen, University of Sydney
  28. Dr Alana Jayne Piper, Griffith University
  29. Alana Pirrone, University of Melbourne
  30. Professor Alastair Pennycook, University of Technology Sydney
  31. Professor Emeritus Alberto Gomes, La Trobe University
  32. Dr Alberto Rizzo, University of Melbourne
  33. Dr Alecia Simmonds, University of Technology Sydney
  34. Dr Aleksandra Michalewicz, University of Melbourne
  35. Dr Aleksandra Staneva, University of Queensland
  36. Alex Haynes, Monash University
  37. Dr Alex Ling, Western Sydney University
  38. Dr Alexander Crooke, University of Melbourne
  39. Dr Alexander E. Davis, University of Adelaide
  40. Dr Alexander Hunter, Australian National University
  41. Alexander Page, University of Sydney
  42. Dr Alexandra Carthey, Macquarie University
  43. Alexandra Dane, Swinburne University of Technology
  44. Dr Alexandra Dellios, University of Melbourne
  45. Dr Alexandra Gibson, University of New South Wales
  46. Alexandra Heron, University of Sydney
  47. Dr Alexandra Kurmann, Macquarie University
  48. Dr Alexandra McCormick, University of Sydney
  49. Alexia Derbas, Western Sydney University
  50. Dr Alexia Pavlis, Victoria University
  51. Ali Drummond, Queensland University of Technology
  52. Dr Ali Mozaffari, Deakin University
  53. Alice Aickin, Swinburne University of Technology
  54. Dr Alice Gaby, Monash University
  55. Dr Alice Jones, University of Adelaide
  56. Alice Orchiston, Western Sydney University
  57. Dr Alice Robinson, Federation University
  58. Dr Alice Te Punga Somerville, Macquarie University
  59. Alicia Flynn, University of Melbourne
  60. Dr Alisa Pedrana, Monash University
  61. Alisha Taylor-Jones, RMIT University
  62. Alison Atkinson-Phillips, Murdoch University
  63. Dr Alison Barnes, Monash University
  64. Associate Professor Alison Gerard, Charles Sturt University
  65. Alison Herron, Swinburne University of Technology
  66. Professor Emeritus Alison Mackinnon, University of South Australia
  67. Associate Professor Alison Ross, Monash University
  68. Dr Alison Rotha Moore, University of Wollongong
  69. Dr Alison Wotherspoon, Flinders University
  70. Professor Alison Young, University of Melbourne
  71. Dr Alison Ziller, Macquarie University
  72. Dr Alissa Macoun, University of Queensland
  73. Dr Alix Beeston, University of Sydney
  74. Alix Thoeming, University of Sydney
  75. Dr Allie Ford, Monash University
  76. Professor Allison Weir, Australian Catholic University
  77. Dr Alyson Campbell, University of Melbourne
  78. Dr Alyssia Rossetto, University of Melbourne
  79. Dr Amanda Gilbertson, University of Melbourne
  80. Dr Amanda Harris, Edith Cowan University
  81. Dr Amanda Harris, University of Sydney
  82. Dr Amanda Hutchinson, University of South Australia
  83. Professor Amanda Nettelbeck, University of Adelaide
  84. Dr Amanda Nickson, James Cook University
  85. Amanda Smith, Griffith University
  86. Associate Professor Amanda Third, Western Sydney University
  87. Dr Amanda Wade, Monash University
  88. Associate Professor Amanda Wise, Macquarie University
  89. Dr Amanuel Elias, Deakin University
  90. Dr Amelia Barikin, University of Queensland
  91. Dr Amelia Dale, University of Sydney
  92. Dr Amelia Johns, Deakin University
  93. Rev Dr Amelia Koh-Butler, Flinders University
  94. Associate Professor Amelia Simpson, Australian National University
  95. Amie Sexton, University of Melbourne
  96. Dr Aminath Didi, University of New South Wales
  97. Dr Amy Maguire, University of Newcastle
  98. Dr Amy Nethery, Deakin University
  99. Dr Ana Stevenson, University of Queensland
  100. Anagha Killedar, University of Sydney
  101. Dr André Brett, University of Melbourne
  102. Dr Andrea Bandhauer, University of Sydney
  103. Dr Andrea Carson, University of Melbourne
  104. Dr Andrea Emberly, University of Western Australia
  105. Associate Professor Andrea Reupert, Monash University
  106. Associate Professor Andrea Whittaker, Monash University
  107. Professor Andreas Schloenhardt, University of Queensland
  108. Andrew Bartlett, Australian National University
  109. Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell, University of Queensland
  110. Professor Emeritus Andrew Hopkins, Australian National University
  111. Associate Professor Andrew John, University of Melbourne
  112. Professor Andrew Lynch, University of Western Australia
  113. Dr Andrew Mark Vandenberg, Deakin University
  114. Professor Emeritus Andrew McDonald Taylor, Edith Cowan University
  115. Associate Professor Andrew McGregor, Macquarie University
  116. Professor Andrew Metcalfe, University of New South Wales
  117. Professor Emeritus Andrew Milner, Monash University
  118. Associate Professor Andrew Murphie, University of New South Wales
  119. Dr Andrew Piper, University of New England
  120. Professor Andrew Robertson, University of Melbourne
  121. Professor Andrew Scott, Deakin University
  122. Associate Professor Andrew Singleton, Deakin University
  123. Andrew Whalley, La Trobe University
  124. Dr Andrew William Rate, University of Western Australia
  125. Dr Andy Kaladelfos, Griffith University
  126. Dr Angela Cincotta-Segi, La Trobe University
  127. Dr Angela Daddow, Victoria University
  128. Dr Angela Daly, Queensland University of Technology
  129. Dr Angela Higginson, Queensland University of Technology
  130. Dr Angela Maharaj, University of New South Wales
  131. Dr Angela Mary Coco, Southern Cross University
  132. Dr Angela Rintoul, Monash University
  133. Angela Ryan, Independent Scholar
  134. Dr Angela Spinney, Swinburne University of Technology
  135. Associate Professor Angela Webster, University of Sydney
  136. Professor Angela Woollacott, Australian National University
  137. Dr Angelika Papadopoulos, RMIT University
  138. Angeline Ferdinand, University of Melbourne
  139. Professor Angus Dawson, University of Sydney
  140. Associate Professor Angus Morrison-Saunders, Murdoch University
  141. Anh Phuong Nguyen, University of Melbourne
  142. Associate Professor Anina N Rich, Macquarie University
  143. Professor Anita Harris, Deakin University
  144. Anita Lumbus, Curtin University
  145. Anja Hilkemeijer, University of Tasmania
  146. Anke Snoek, Macquarie University
  147. Dr Ann C. T. Taylor, University of Newcastle
  148. Dr Ann El Khoury, Macquarie University
  149. Dr Ann El Khoury, New York University (Sydney campus)
  150. Professor Emeritus Ann Game, University of New South Wales
  151. Dr Ann Kent, Australian National University
  152. Professor Ann McGrath, Australian National University
  153. Dr Ann Morrow, University of Melbourne
  154. Professor Ann Sanson, University of Melbourne
  155. Professor Ann Taket, Deakin University
  156. Dr Ann Terese Ingamells, Griffith University
  157. Dr Anna Boucher, University of Sydney
  158. Dr Anna Bowring, Monash University
  159. Dr Anna Branford, Victoria University
  160. Dr Anna Catherine Hickey-Moody, Australian National University
  161. Dr Anna Clark, University of Technology Sydney
  162. Anna Copeland, Murdoch University
  163. Anna Filipi, Monash University
  164. Professor Anna Gibbs, Western Sydney University
  165. Dr Anna Halafoff, Deakin University
  166. Dr Anna Hopkins, Murdoch University
  167. Anna M Ginty, University of New South Wales
  168. Associate Professor Anna Munster, University of New South Wales
  169. Anna Spencer, Queensland University of Technology
  170. Associate Professor Anna Ziersch, Flinders University
  171. Annamaria Klas, Deakin University
  172. Associate Professor Anne Clarke, University of Sydney
  173. Professor Anne Cranny-Francis, University of Technology Sydney
  174. Dr Anne Graham, Victoria University
  175. Dr Anne Jamison, Western Sydney University
  176. Associate Professor Anne Junor, University of New South Wales
  177. Associate Professor Anne Junor, University of New South Wales
  178. Dr Anne Marie Thow, University of Sydney
  179. Professor Anne O’Brien, University of New South Wales
  180. Professor Anne Orford, University of Melbourne
  181. Anne Parbury, University of Technology Sydney
  182. Adjunct Associate Professor Anne Pedersen, Curtin University
  183. Dr Anne Rees, University of Sydney
  184. Dr Anne Spencer, Flinders University
  185. Associate Professor Anne Surma, Murdoch University
  186. Anne Therese O’Brien, Australian Catholic University
  187. Anne Thomas, Victoria University
  188. Associate Professor Anne Whitworth, Curtin University
  189. Dr Anne-Frances Watson, Queensland University of Technology
  190. Anneka Ferguson, Australian National University
  191. Annette Burke, Macquarie University
  192. Associate Professor Annette Katelaris, University of Sydney
  193. Annette Morante, University of Newcastle
  194. Annick Thomassin, Australian National University
  195. Dr Annie Herro, University of New South Wales
  196. Dr Annie Pohlman, University of Queensland
  197. Dr Annika Lems, Swinburne University of Technology
  198. Dr Annmarie Reid, University of South Australia
  199. Dr Anny Mokotow, University of Melbourne
  200. Dr Anthea Vogl, University of Technology Sydney
  201. Dr Anthony Billingsley, University of New South Wales
  202. Associate Professor Anthony Burke, University of New South Wales
  203. Dr Anthony Hopkins, Australian National University
  204. Professor Anthony P. D’Costa, University of Melbourne
  205. Anthony Steel, Australian Catholic University
  206. Professor Anthony Zwi, University of New South Wales
  207. Dr Antje Missbach, Monash University
  208. Dr Antonia Pont, Deakin University
  209. Dr April Biccum, Australian National University
  210. Dr April Reside, University of Queensland
  211. Aqua Hastings, University of Newcastle
  212. Professor Ariel Heryanto, Australian National University
  213. Associate Professor Arthur A Stukas, La Trobe University
  214. Arvind Iyengar, University of New England
  215. Asher Hirsch, Monash University
  216. Dr Ashley Barnwell, University of Melbourne
  217. Ashley Burgess, Griffith University
  218. Dr Ashley Wain, University of Melbourne
  219. Associate Professor Assa Doron, Australian National University
  220. Associate Professor Audrey Yue, University of Melbourne
  221. Dr Averil Grieve, Monash University
  222. Dr Avery Poole, University of Melbourne
  223. Aya Ono, RMIT University
  224. Ayda Succarie, Western Sydney University
  225. Ayesha Kaak, Australian National University
  226. Dr Azadeh Dastyari, Monash University
  227. Professor Baden Offord, Curtin University
  228. Dr Bagryana Popov, La Trobe University
  229. Associate Professor Barbara Baird, Flinders University
  230. Professor Barbara Comber, University of South Australia
  231. Barbara Cosson, Swinburne University of Technology
  232. Dr Barbara Hartley, University of Tasmania
  233. Dr Barbara Kelly, University of Melbourne
  234. Barbara Loessl, Edith Cowan University
  235. Associate Professor Barbara Masser, University of Queensland
  236. Associate Professor Barbara Mullan, Curtin University
  237. Professor Basil Donovan, University of New South Wales
  238. Dr Bea Bleile, University of New England
  239. Dr Becky Freeman, University of Sydney
  240. Professor Belinda Carpenter, Queensland University of Technology
  241. Dr Belinda Chaplin, Queensland University of Technology
  242. Associate Professor Belinda Hewitt, University of Melbourne
  243. Associate Professor Belinda Smith, University of Sydney
  244. Dr Belinda Townsend, Deakin University
  245. Dr Bella Ross, Monash University
  246. Ben Feher, University of Technology Sydney
  247. Dr Ben Golder, University of New South Wales
  248. Dr Ben Gook, University of Melbourne
  249. Ben Grayson, Monash University
  250. Ben Nunquam, Federation University
  251. Dr Ben Silverstein, University of Sydney
  252. Dr Ben Spies-Butcher, Macquarie University
  253. Dr Ben Wellings, Monash University
  254. Dr Benjamin Abraham, University of Technology Sydney
  255. Associate Professor Benjamin E. Goldsmith, University of Sydney
  256. Dr Benjamin Habib, La Trobe University
  257. Dr Benjamin Schuez, University of Tasmania
  258. Dr Benjamin Wilkie, Deakin University
  259. Dr Bernadette Fitzgibbon, Monash University
  260. Professor Bernadette McSherry, University of Melbourne
  261. Dr Bernard Baffour, University of Queensland
  262. Dr Beryl Langer, La Trobe University
  263. Professor Beth Crisp, Deakin University
  264. Associate Professor Beth Goldblatt, University of Technology Sydney
  265. Dr Beth Yahp, University of Sydney
  266. Bethany Phillips-Peddlesden, University of Melbourne
  267. Dr Bhuva Narayan, University of Technology Sydney
  268. Professor Bill Ashcroft, University of New South Wales
  269. Associate Professor Bill Atweh, Curtin University
  270. Dr Bill Bennett, University of Tasmania
  271. Associate Professor Bill Dunn, University of Sydney
  272. Associate Professor Bill Eckersley, Victoria University
  273. Bilquis Ghani, University of Technology Sydney
  274. Dr Bina Fernandez, University of Melbourne
  275. Dr Bishnu Lamichhane, University of Newcastle
  276. Professor Bob Lingard, University of Queensland
  277. Adjunct Professor Bob Pokrant, Curtin University
  278. Associate Professor Bobbie Oliver, Curtin University
  279. Dr Bonnie McBain, University of Newcastle
  280. Bonnie Reid, Monash University
  281. Dr Bradley Mathers, University of New South Wales
  282. Professor Bradon Ellem, University of Sydney
  283. Dr Brady Robards, University of Tasmania
  284. Dr Brangwen Stone, Macquarie University
  285. Dr Breda Carty, University of Newcastle
  286. Dr Bree Carlton, Monash University
  287. Dr Brendan Adams, Charles Sturt University
  288. Dr Brendan Keogh, RMIT University
  289. Dr Brent McDonald, Victoria University
  290. Associate Professor Brett Hutchins, Monash University
  291. Dr Brett Montgomery, University of Western Australia
  292. Professor Brian Griffiths, Curtin University
  293. Dr Bridget Bassilios, University of Melbourne
  294. Dr Bridget Brooklyn, Western Sydney University
  295. Dr Bridget Harris, University of New England
  296. Bridget Jay, University of Adelaide
  297. Dr Bridget Lewis, Queensland University of Technology
  298. Bridgette Engeler, Swinburne University of Technology
  299. Dr Brigid Rooney, University of Sydney
  300. Associate Professor Brigitta Olubas, University of New South Wales
  301. Dr Briony Neilson, University of Sydney
  302. Dr Britta Biedermann, Curtin University
  303. Dr Britta Schneider, Victoria University
  304. Dr Britta Wigginton, University of Queensland
  305. Bronwen Ann Levy, University of Queensland
  306. Professor Bronwen Morgan, University of New South Wales
  307. Bronwyn Ellis, University of South Australia
  308. Associate Professor Bronwyn Hemsley, University of Newcastle
  309. Dr Bronwyn Hinz, Victoria University
  310. Bronwyn McDonald, University of Newcastle
  311. Associate Professor Bronwyn Naylor, Monash University
  312. Bronwyn Saffin, Monash University
  313. Brooke Nolan, University of Western Australia
  314. Associate Professor Bruce Buchan, Griffith University
  315. Dr Bruce Duncan, University of Divinity
  316. Dr Bryoni Trezise, University of New South Wales
  317. Dr Bullock, Swinburne University of Technology
  318. C Starla Hargita, University of Technology Sydney
  319. Dr Cai Wilkinson, Deakin University
  320. Cait Storr, University of Melbourne
  321. Caitlin McGregor, University of Newcastle
  322. Dr Caitlin Nunn, Victoria University
  323. Dr Caley Tapp, Griffith University
  324. Dr Cameron Lowe, University of Melbourne
  325. Cameron Tero, Murdoch University
  326. Dr Camille La Brooy, University of Melbourne
  327. Dr Camille Nurka, Independent Scholar
  328. Dr Camille Raynes-Greenow, University of Sydney
  329. Professor Cara MacNish, University of Western Australia
  330. Dr Caragh Brosnan, University of Newcastle
  331. Dr Carina Moeller, University of Tasmania
  332. Dr Carl Power, University of Sydney
  333. Dr Carla Kleverlaa, Victoria University
  334. Dr Carla Pascoe, University of Melbourne
  335. Carly Copolov, Swinburne University of Technology
  336. Carly Gordyn, Australian National University
  337. Associate Professor Carmel Flaskas, University of New South Wales
  338. Carmel Hobbs, La Trobe University
  339. Dr Carmel Laragy, RMIT University
  340. Dr Carmen Atkinson, University of Newcastle
  341. Dr Carmen Huckel Schneider, University of Sydney
  342. Carol Liknaitzky, Victoria University
  343. Dr Carol Newall, Macquarie University
  344. Professor Carol Reid, Western Sydney University
  345. Dr Carol Richards, Queensland University of Technology
  346. Professor Carole Ferrier, University of Queensland
  347. Dr Carolien van Ham, University of New South Wales
  348. Professor Caroline de Costa, James Cook University
  349. Dr Caroline Fleay, Curtin University
  350. Dr Caroline Jordan, La Trobe University
  351. Dr Caroline Lenette, University of New South Wales
  352. Caroline Mahoney, Deakin University
  353. Dr Caroline Vains, RMIT University
  354. Caroline van Gemert, Monash University
  355. Dr Caroline Wake, University of New South Wales
  356. Dr Caroline Wallace, University of Melbourne
  357. Dr Caroline West, University of Sydney
  358. Dr Caroline Yarnell, University of Sydney
  359. Dr Carolyn D’Cruz, La Trobe University
  360. Dr Carolyn Maccann, University of Sydney
  361. Dr Carolyn Masel, Australian Catholic University
  362. Associate Professor Carolyn Quadrio, University of New South Wales
  363. Adjunct Professor Carroll Pursell, Australian National University
  364. Dr Cassandra Kotsanas, University of Melbourne
  365. Dr Cat Moir, University of Sydney
  366. Dr Cate Morriss, University of the Sunshine Coast
  367. Dr Cate O’Neill, University of Melbourne
  368. Catherine Ayres, Australian National University
  369. Dr Catherine Dewhirst, University of Southern Queensland
  370. Dr Catherine Fargher, Macquarie University
  371. Dr Catherine Grant, Griffith University
  372. Associate Professor Catherine Greenhill, University of New South Wales
  373. Professor Catherine Manathunga, Victoria University
  374. Catherine Settle, Australian National University
  375. Catherine Smith, University of Melbourne
  376. Dr Catherine Strong, RMIT University
  377. Associate Professor Cathy Brigden, RMIT University
  378. Dr Cathy Farrell, Swinburne University of Technology
  379. Dr Cathy Smith, University of Newcastle
  380. Dr Cathy Vaughan, University of Melbourne
  381. Dr Catie Gressier, University of Melbourne
  382. Professor Catriona Mackenzie, Macquarie University
  383. Dr Ceridwen Spark, RMIT University
  384. Dr Chalapati Rao, Australian National University
  385. Dr Charles Barbour, Western Sydney University
  386. Dr Charles Cranfield, University of Technology Sydney
  387. Dr Charles Livingstone, Monash University
  388. Professor Emeritus Charles Sowerwine, University of Melbourne
  389. Dr Charlotte Allen, University of Wollongong
  390. Associate Professor Charlotte Epstein, University of Sydney
  391. Dr Charlotte Fabiansson, Victoria University
  392. Charlotte Steer, University of New South Wales
  393. Professor Charlotte Williams, RMIT University
  394. Cheryl Williams, University of Newcastle
  395. Dr Chi Baik, University of Melbourne
  396. Chloe Mackenzie, University of Melbourne
  397. Dr Chris Butler, Griffith University
  398. Dr Chris Fleming, Western Sydney University
  399. Dr Chris Ford, Curtin University
  400. Associate Professor Chris Lyttleton, Macquarie University
  401. Chris Macfarlane, Victoria University
  402. Dr Chris Peers, Monash University
  403. Chris Poulsen, Queensland University of Technology
  404. Professor Christian Haesemeyer, University of Melbourne
  405. Dr Christian Tietz, University of New South Wales
  406. Dr Christina Ho, University of Technology Sydney
  407. Christina Kenny, Australian National University
  408. Dr Christina Malatzky, University of Melbourne
  409. Professor Christina Twomey, Monash University
  410. Dr Christine Agius, Swinburne University of Technology
  411. Dr Christine Bottrell, Victoria University
  412. Dr Christine Brett Vickers, La Trobe University
  413. Christine Campbell, University of Newcastle
  414. Dr Christine Choo, University of Western Australia
  415. Dr Christine de Matos, University of Notre Dame
  416. Christine Eastman, University of Melbourne
  417. Associate Professor Christine Morley, Queensland University of Technology
  418. Dr Christine Padgett, University of Tasmania
  419. Associate Professor Christopher Blyth, University of Western Australia
  420. Associate Professor Christopher Cordner, University of Melbourne
  421. Dr Christopher David Haynes, University of Western Australia
  422. Associate Professor Christopher Jordens, University of Sydney
  423. Dr Christopher Mayes, University of Sydney
  424. Dr Christopher McCarroll, Macquarie University
  425. Associate Professor Christopher Michaelsen, University of New South Wales
  426. Dr Christopher Necf, University of Sydney
  427. Associate Professor Christopher Ryan, University of Sydney
  428. Associate Professor Christopher Sonn, Victoria University
  429. Associate Professor Christopher Stephen Pokorny, University of New South Wales
  430. Associate Professor Christopher Stewart, University of Technology Sydney
  431. Professor Christopher Ziguras, RMIT University
  432. Professor Ciaran O’Faircheallaigh, Griffith University
  433. Professor Emeritus Cindy Gallois, University of Queensland
  434. Dr Cindy Schneider, University of New England
  435. Claire Farrugia, Macquarie University
  436. Dr Claire Hansen, University of Sydney
  437. Dr Claire Hooker, University of Sydney
  438. Claire Loughnan, University of Melbourne
  439. Dr Claire Mason, University of Newcastle
  440. Claire Parfitt, University of Sydney
  441. Associate Professor Claire Vajdic, University of New South Wales
  442. Claire Williams, University of Newcastle
  443. Dr Clare Bartholomaeus, Flinders University
  444. Dr Clare Corbould, Monash University
  445. Associate Professor Clare Louise Newton, University of Melbourne
  446. Dr Clare Monagle, Macquarie University
  447. Associate Professor Clare Newton, University of Melbourne
  448. Dr Clare Shamier, La Trobe University
  449. Clare Southerton, Australian National University
  450. Associate Professor Clare Wright, La Trobe University
  451. Associate Professor Claudia Tazreiter, University of New South Wales
  452. Dr Clayton Chin, University of Melbourne
  453. Dr Clemence Due, University of Adelaide
  454. Dr Coel Kirkby, University of Melbourne
  455. Dr Colin James, Australian National University
  456. Associate Professor Colin Jevons, Monash University
  457. Dr Colin Klein, Macquarie University
  458. Professor Colin Wight, University of Sydney
  459. Colleen Harmer, University of Western Australia
  460. Associate Professor Cordelia Fine, University of Melbourne
  461. Dr Corine Rivalland, Monash University
  462. Dr Corrado Di Guilmi, University of Technology Sydney
  463. Cosima McRae, University of Melbourne
  464. Costa Avgoustinos, University of Technology Sydney
  465. Courtney Hempton, Monash University
  466. Dr Craig Applegate, University of Canberra
  467. Associate Professor Craig Fry, Victoria University
  468. Dr Craig Goodman, Victoria University
  469. Dr Craig M. Johnson, University of New South Wales
  470. Dr Craig Snyder, Deakin University
  471. Dr Cristina Garduno Freeman, Deakin University
  472. Associate Professor Cristina Rocha, Western Sydney University
  473. Dr Cristy Clark, Southern Cross University
  474. Dr Cynthia Hunter, University of Sydney
  475. Dr Dalia Nassar, University of Sydney
  476. Associate Professor Damien Cahill, University of Sydney
  477. Dr Damien Dupuis, Swinburne University of Technology
  478. Dr Damon Anderson, Monash University
  479. Dr Dan Halvorson, Griffith University
  480. Dr Dana Chahal, Victoria University
  481. Dana Young, University of Melbourne
  482. Dr Danau Tanu, University of Western Australia
  483. Dr Dani Barrington, University of Queensland
  484. Dr Daniel Angus, University of Queensland
  485. Dr Daniel Ghezelbash, Macquarie University
  486. Dr Daniel Hourigan, University of Southern Queensland
  487. Dr Daniel Joyce, University of New South Wales
  488. Dr Daniel Mathews, Monash University
  489. Dr Daniel McCarthy, University of Melbourne
  490. Associate Professor Daniel Palmer, Monash University
  491. Dr Daniel R. McCarthy, University of Melbourne
  492. Professor Daniel Stoljar, Australian National University
  493. Dr Daniela Heil, University of Newcastle
  494. Daniele Hromek, University of Technology Sydney
  495. Dr Daniella J. Forster, University of Newcastle
  496. Danielle Borlovan, Victoria University
  497. Professor Danielle Celermajer, University of Sydney
  498. Dr Danielle Chubb, Deakin University
  499. Dr Danielle Ferndale, Queensland University of Technology
  500. Dr Danielle Horyniak, Monash University
  501. Associate Professor Danielle Ireland-Piper, Bond University
  502. Danny Blay, Deakin University
  503. Dr Danny Butt, University of Melbourne
  504. Associate Professor Daphne Habibis, University of Tasmania
  505. Dara Conduit, Monash University
  506. Associate Professor Darren Burke, University of Newcastle
  507. Dr Dave McDonald, University of Melbourne
  508. Dr Dave McRae, University of Melbourne
  509. David Coombs, Macquarie University
  510. Dr David Cooper, Curtin University
  511. Dr David Cubby, Western Sydney University
  512. Dr David Duriesmith, University of Melbourne
  513. Dr David Ellison, Griffith University
  514. Dr David Faber, Flinders University
  515. David Feith, Monash University
  516. David Hickling, Australian National University
  517. Adjunct Professor David Hollinsworth, University of the Sunshine Coast
  518. Professor David Isaacs, University of Sydney
  519. Professor David Karoly, University of Melbourne
  520. Professor David McCallum, Victoria University
  521. Professor David McCooey, Deakin University
  522. Professor David Moore, Curtin University
  523. Dr David Musgrave, University of Newcastle
  524. Dr David Palmer, Murdoch University
  525. Dr David Palmer, University of Melbourne
  526. Professor Emeritus David Powis, University of Newcastle
  527. David Primrose, University of Sydney
  528. David Walker, Deakin University
  529. David Whittle, University of Melbourne
  530. Associate Professor David William McCurdy, University of Newcastle
  531. Dr David Zyngier, Monash University
  532. David-Jack Fletcher, Macquarie University
  533. Davina Taylor, Central Queensland University
  534. Professor Deb Verhoeven, Deakin University
  535. Dr Debbi Long, Monash University
  536. Debbie Noble-Carr, Australian Catholic University
  537. Dr Debbie Ollis, Deakin University
  538. Debolina Dutta, University of Melbourne
  539. Dr Deborah Apthorp, Australian National University
  540. Deborah Batterham, Swinburne University of Technology
  541. Professor Deborah Cobb-Clark, University of Sydney
  542. Associate Professor Deborah Lehmann, University of Western Australia
  543. Dr Deborah Mitchison, Macquarie University
  544. Dr Deborah Staines, University of Melbourne
  545. Dr Deborah Western, Monash University
  546. Deborah Wise, University of Newcastle
  547. Associate Professor Deborah Zion, Victoria University
  548. Associate Professor Debra Hayes, University of Sydney
  549. Associate Professor Debra Judge, University of Western Australia
  550. Dr Debra McDougall, University of Western Australia
  551. Associate Professor Debra Miles, James Cook University
  552. Dr Debra Smith, Victoria University
  553. Deidre Wicks, University of Newcastle
  554. Dr Deirdre Howard-Wagner, Australian National University
  555. Dr Della Buttigieg, Victoria University
  556. Professor Denice Welch, University of Melbourne
  557. Dr Denis Muller, University of Melbourne
  558. Denise Ryan Costello, Swinburne University of Technology
  559. Dr Denise Woods, Curtin University
  560. Dr Derek Bland, Queensland University of Technology
  561. Professor Derek McDougall, University of Melbourne
  562. Professor Desmond Manderson, Australian National University
  563. Dr Devaki Monani, Australian Catholic University
  564. Dr Di Kelly, University of Wollongong
  565. Dr Diana Cousens, Australian Catholic University
  566. Professor Diana Eades, University of New England
  567. Diana Greentree, RMIT University
  568. Dr Diana Jefferies, Western Sydney University
  569. Dr Diana Johns, University of Melbourne
  570. Dr Diana Shahinyan, University of Sydney
  571. Professor Diane Bretherton, University of Queensland
  572. Dr Diane Gosden, Independent Scholar
  573. Associate Professor Diane van den Broek, University of Sydney
  574. Dianne Butland, Western Sydney University
  575. Associate Professor Dianne Carmody, University of Western Australia
  576. Dr Dianne Hall, Victoria University
  577. Professor Dianne Otto, University of Melbourne
  578. Professor Emeritus Dick Bryan, University of Sydney
  579. Associate Professor Dimitris Vardoulakis, Western Sydney University
  580. Dr Dinesh Wadiwel, University of Sydney
  581. Dr Dirk Tomsa, La Trobe University
  582. Dr Dolly Kikon, University of Melbourne
  583. Dr Don Gardner, Australian National University
  584. Professor Donald K. Anton, Griffith University
  585. Conjoint Associate Professor Donald Munro, University of Newcastle
  586. Professor Donna Baines, University of Sydney
  587. Dr Donna Maria Vaughan, University of New South Wales
  588. Professor Emeritus Donna Merwick, Swinburne University of Technology
  589. Donna Sgro, University of Technology Sydney
  590. Dr Donna West Brett, University of Sydney
  591. Donna Wyatt, Victoria University
  592. Doreen Donovan, University of South Australia
  593. Professor Emeritus Doreen Rosenthal, University of Melbourne
  594. Dr Doris Testa, Victoria University
  595. Dr Dorothy Bottrell, Victoria University
  596. Professor Emeritus Dorothy Bruck, Victoria University
  597. Professor Dorottya Fabian, University of New South Wales
  598. Dr Doug McConnell, Charles Sturt University
  599. Dr Dr. Sarah-Jane Hiller, University of Tasmania
  600. Professor Emeritus Ed Davis AM, Macquarie University
  601. Adjunct Associate Professor Ed Wensing, James Cook University
  602. Professor Edward Aspinall, Australian National University
  603. Dr Edwina Howell, Victoria University
  604. Edwina Throsby, University of New South Wales
  605. Dr Effy George, Victoria University
  606. Dr Efrat Eilam, Victoria University
  607. Eileen Clements, Federation University
  608. Eileen Luscombe, Victoria University
  609. Dr Eileen Webb, Curtin University
  610. Professor Eileen Willis, Flinders University
  611. EJ Shu, University of Tasmania
  612. Elaine Butler, University of South Australia
  613. Dr Elaine Crisp, University of Tasmania
  614. Dr Elaine Fishwick, University of Sydney
  615. Professor Elena Marchetti, University of Wollongong
  616. Dr Elisabeth Valiente-Riedl, University of Sydney
  617. Dr Elise Holland, University of Melbourne
  618. Dr Elise Klein, University of Melbourne
  619. Dr Elizabeth Boase, Flinders University
  620. Elizabeth Daniels, Monash University
  621. Dr Elizabeth Day, Independent Scholar
  622. Professor Elizabeth Elliott, University of Sydney
  623. Dr Elizabeth Humphrys, University of Technology Sydney
  624. Elizabeth Kurian, University of Western Australia
  625. Associate Professor Elizabeth Mackinlay, University of Queensland
  626. Elizabeth Morgan, Macquarie University
  627. Dr Elizabeth Newnham, University of South Australia
  628. Elizabeth Norsa, Macquarie University
  629. Dr Elizabeth Roberts-Pedersen, University of Newcastle
  630. Elizabeth Robinson, Australian Catholic University
  631. Dr Elizabeth Short, Victoria University
  632. Dr Elizabeth Sturgiss, Australian National University
  633. Dr Elizabeth West, University of Sydney
  634. Ella Hewitt, Victoria University
  635. Dr Ellen Martus, University of New South Wales
  636. Associate Professor Ellie Vasta, Macquarie University
  637. Ellyse Fenton, University of Queensland
  638. Elyse Methven, Macquarie University
  639. Emilie Dotte-Sarout, Australian National University
  640. Dr Emily Brayshaw, University of Technology Sydney
  641. Dr Emily Finlay, Monash University
  642. Dr Emily Klineberg, University of Sydney
  643. Emily van der Nagel, Swinburne University of Technology
  644. Emma Barnard, University of Melbourne
  645. Professor Emma Kowal, Deakin University
  646. Dr Emma Rush, Charles Sturt University
  647. Dr Emma Russell, Deakin University
  648. Dr Emma Sciberras, Deakin University
  649. Dr Emma Thomas, Murdoch University
  650. Emma Whatman, Deakin University
  651. Associate Professor Emmanuel Stamataki, University of Sydney
  652. Dr Enza Gandolfo, Victoria University
  653. Dr Eran Binenbaum, University of Adelaide
  654. Dr Erica Millar, University of Adelaide
  655. Professor Erica Wanless, University of Newcastle
  656. Dr Erika Altmann, University of Tasmania
  657. Dr Erika Susan Matruglio, University of Wollongong
  658. Erin Brown, University of Queensland
  659. Dr Erin O’Brien, Queensland University of Technology
  660. Associate Professor Erin Wilson, Deakin University
  661. Esther Doecke, Victoria University
  662. Dr Euan Ritchie, Deakin University
  663. Eugene Schofield-Georgeson, University of Technology Sydney
  664. Professor Eugenio Benitez, University of Sydney
  665. Dr Eva Alisic, Monash University
  666. Eva Birch, University of Melbourne
  667. Adjunct Professor Eva Cox, University of Technology Sydney
  668. Eva Schmidt, Macquarie University
  669. Dr Eva Segelov, University of New South Wales
  670. Dr Evan Jones, University of Sydney
  671. Eve Slavich, University of New South Wales
  672. Dr Eve Vincent, Macquarie University
  673. Evonne Irwin, University of Newcastle
  674. Dr Eyal Mayroz, University of Sydney
  675. Dr Fabia F Carvalho Vecoso, University of Melbourne
  676. Fabiane Ramos, University of Queensland
  677. Dr Fabio Scarpello, Murdoch University
  678. Fadi Baghdadi, University of Sydney
  679. Faith Curtis, University of Newcastle
  680. Dr Farhad Goodarzy, University of Melbourne
  681. Associate Professor Farida Fozdar, University of Western Australia
  682. Associate Professor Fay Anderson, Monash University
  683. Felicity Biggins, University of Newcastle
  684. Dr Felicity Chaplin, Monash University
  685. Dr Fiona Burrows, University of Western Australia
  686. Dr Fiona Giles, University of Sydney
  687. Dr Fiona Henderson, Victoria University
  688. Associate Professor Fiona McDermott, Monash University
  689. Fiona McIntyre, RMIT University
  690. Dr Fiona Mckay, Deakin University
  691. Dr Fiona Miller, Macquarie University
  692. Professor Fiona Probyn-Rapsey, University of Wollongong
  693. Associate Professor Fiona Russell, University of Melbourne
  694. Dr Fiona Shand, University of New South Wales
  695. Fiona Tito Wheatland, Australian National University
  696. Dr Fleur Beaupert, La Trobe University
  697. Dr Fran Gale, Western Sydney University
  698. Adjunct Professor Frances Crawford, University of New England
  699. Dr Frances M Clarke, University of Sydney
  700. Associate Professor Frances Press, Charles Sturt University
  701. Dr Frances Shaw, University of New South Wales
  702. Dr Francesco Ricatti, University of the Sunshine Coast
  703. Francis Markham, Australian National University
  704. Dr Francisco Perales Perez, University of Queensland
  705. Professor Emeritus Frank Stilwell, University of Sydney
  706. Dr Franklin Obeng-Odoom, University of Technology Sydney
  707. Associate Professor Freddy Sitas, University of Sydney
  708. Dr Freya Higgins-Desbiolles, University of South Australia
  709. Associate Professor Frini Karayanidis, University of Newcastle
  710. Dr Gabrielle Finnane, University of New South Wales
  711. Dr Gabrielle Hodge, La Trobe University
  712. Dr Gabrielle Simm, University of Technology Sydney
  713. Associate Professor Gaby Ramia, University of Sydney
  714. Associate Professor Gaik Cheng Khoo, Australian National University
  715. Dr Gareth Bryant, University of Sydney
  716. Garrity Hill, Swinburne University of Technology
  717. Professor Garry Rodan, Murdoch University
  718. Dr Garry Stewart Henderson, Edith Cowan University
  719. Dr Gavan John Butler, University of Sydney
  720. Associate Professor Gavan McCarthy, University of Melbourne
  721. Dr Gavin Forbes Moodie, RMIT University
  722. Associate Professor Gavin Ivey, Victoria University
  723. Dr Gavin Mount, University of New South Wales
  724. Dr Gavin Smith, Australian National University
  725. Dr Gaynor Macdonald, University of Sydney
  726. Dr Geir Henning Presterudstuen, Western Sydney University
  727. Dr Gemma Carey, University of New South Wales
  728. Gemma Killen, Australian National University
  729. Genevieve Johnston, Victoria University
  730. Professor Genevieve McArthur, Macquarie University
  731. Geoff Allshorn, La Trobe University
  732. Associate Professor Geoffrey Brahm Levey, University of New South Wales
  733. Professor Emeritus Geoffrey Colin Harcourt, University of New South Wales
  734. Associate Professor Geoffrey Woolcock, Griffith University
  735. Dr George Dertadian, University of New South Wales
  736. Adjunct Professor George Newhouse, Macquarie University
  737. George Tomossy, Macquarie University
  738. Dr George Vasilev, La Trobe University
  739. Georgia McGrath, Monash University
  740. Dr Georgina Downey, University of Adelaide
  741. Dr Georgina Heydon, RMIT University
  742. Georgina Rychner, Monash University
  743. Dr Georgina Sutherland, University of Melbourne
  744. Associate Professor Georgine Clarsen, University of Wollongong
  745. Gerald Burke, Monash University
  746. Dr Gerald Roche, University of Melbourne
  747. Geraldine Doney, University of New South Wales
  748. Professor Gerard A Kennedy, RMIT University
  749. Dr Gerard Stoyles, University of Notre Dame
  750. Dr Gerhard Hoffstaedter, University of Queensland
  751. Associate Professor Giacinta Parish, University of Western Australia
  752. Gianluca Scattu, University of Sydney
  753. Gijs Verbossen, La Trobe University
  754. Dr Gilbert Caluya, University of Melbourne
  755. Giles Simon Fielke, University of Melbourne
  756. Professor Gillian Cowlisahw, University of Sydney
  757. Dr Gillian Schroeter, Australian Catholic University
  758. Professor Gillian Whitlock, University of Queensland
  759. Dr Giovanni Zurzolo, Victoria University
  760. Dr Glen Hosking, Victoria University
  761. Dr Glenn Carruthers, Charles Sturt University
  762. Professor Glenn McConell, Victoria University
  763. Dr Goetz Ottmann, Deakin University
  764. Dr Golnar Nabizadeh, University of Western Australia
  765. Associate Professor Gordon Douglas Menzies, University of Technology Sydney
  766. Associate Professor Grace Karskens, University of New South Wales
  767. Grace Langton, Victoria University
  768. Dr Grace McQuilten, RMIT University
  769. Dr Grace Thompson, University of Melbourne
  770. Grace Torcasio, University of Melbourne
  771. Professor Emeritus Graeme Gill, University of Sydney
  772. Associate Professor Graeme Smith, University of Queensland
  773. Professor Graham K. Brown, University of Western Australia
  774. Dr Graham Mann, Murdoch University
  775. Professor Graham Seal, Curtin University
  776. Dr Grant Cairncross, Southern Cross University
  777. Dr Grant McCall, University of Sydney
  778. Dr Grant Walton, Australian National University
  779. Associate Professor Grayson Cooke, Southern Cross University
  780. Professor Greg Downey, Macquarie University
  781. Dr Greg Mallory, University of Queensland
  782. Professor Greg Marston, University of Queensland
  783. Greg Murrie, University of Sydney
  784. Professor Greg Restall, University of Melbourne
  785. Associate Professor Greg Thompson, Queensland University of Technology
  786. Dr Gregoria Manzin, La Trobe University
  787. Dr Gregory Armstrong, University of Melbourne
  788. Dr Gregory Bailey, La Trobe University
  789. Gregory Bruce Wiman, Griffith University
  790. Gregory John Aronson, Victoria University
  791. Gregory Michael Donoghue, University of Melbourne
  792. Associate Professor Gretta Pecl, University of Tasmania
  793. Guy Little, RMIT University
  794. Dr Gwen Gilmore, Victoria University
  795. Associate Professor Gwenda Tavan, La Trobe University
  796. Dr Hamish Graham, University of Melbourne
  797. Hanan Dover, Western Sydney University
  798. Hani Yulindrasari, Monash University
  799. Professor Hannah Dahlen, Western Sydney University
  800. Dr Hannah Forsyth, Australian Catholic University
  801. Dr Hannah McCann, University of Melbourne
  802. Dr Hanne Watkins, University of Melbourne
  803. Hanne Worsoe, University of Queensland
  804. Associate Professor Hans-Lukas Kieser, University of Newcastle
  805. Dr Harriot Beazley, University of the Sunshine Coast
  806. Associate Professor Harry Minas, University of Melbourne
  807. Dr Hartman, Southern Cross University
  808. Dr Haryana Dhillon, University of Sydney
  809. Dr Hasantha Gunasekera, University of Sydney
  810. Hayley Mowat, Monash University
  811. Dr Hayley Singer, University of Melbourne
  812. Dr Heather Benbow, University of Melbourne
  813. Dr Heather Brook, Flinders University
  814. Heather Crawford, Australian National University
  815. Dr Heather Dalton, University of Melbourne
  816. Heather Downey, La Trobe University
  817. Professor Emeritus Heather Goodall, University of Technology Sydney
  818. Heather Gridley, Victoria University
  819. Dr Heather Sheard, University of Melbourne
  820. Dr Heather Wallace, Deakin University
  821. Dr Hedda Haugen Askland, University of Newcastle
  822. Dr Hedda Ransan-Cooper, University of Canberra
  823. Dr Helen Berents, Queensland University of Technology
  824. Dr Helen Bones, Western Sydney University
  825. Dr Helen Caple, University of New South Wales
  826. Helen Carter, Flinders University
  827. Associate Professor Helen Dickinson, University of New South Wales
  828. Professor Emeritus Helen Dunstan, University of Sydney
  829. Helen Gaynor, University of Melbourne
  830. Professor Helen Groth, University of New South Wales
  831. Dr Helen Jordan, University of Melbourne
  832. Associate Professor Helen Keane, Australian National University
  833. Dr Helen Kilpatrick, University of Wollongong
  834. Professor Helen Lee, La Trobe University
  835. Dr Helen Marshall, RMIT University
  836. Dr Helen Merrick, Curtin University
  837. Professor Emeritus Helen Praetz, RMIT University
  838. Dr Helen Pringle, University of New South Wales
  839. Associate Professor Helen Proctor, University of Sydney
  840. Professor Helen Ross, University of Queensland
  841. Dr Helen Rydstrand, University of New South Wales
  842. Professor Helen Sullivan, University of Melbourne
  843. Helen Taylor, University of New England
  844. Dr Helena Liu, University of Technology Sydney
  845. Dr Helga Kuhse, Monash University
  846. Dr Henk Huijser, Charles Darwin University
  847. Hilary Gallagher, Griffith University
  848. Dr Hilary Susan Howes, Australian National University
  849. Dr Hitomi Koyama, Australian Catholic University
  850. Holly Giblin, Flinders University
  851. Dr Honni van Rijswijk, University of Technology Sydney
  852. Dr Howard Guille, Independent Scholar
  853. Dr Hugh Davies, RMIT University
  854. Professor Emeritus Iain Davidson, University of New England
  855. Dr Iain Stewart, Macquarie University
  856. Professor Iain Walker, University of Western Australia
  857. Dr Ian Douglas Wilson, Murdoch University
  858. Associate Professor Ian Hampson, University of New South Wales
  859. Dr Ian Johnston, University of Sydney
  860. Professor Ian Kerridge, University of Sydney
  861. Associate Professor Ian Maxwell, University of Sydney
  862. Dr Ian McShane, RMIT University
  863. Dr Ian Walkinshaw, Griffith University
  864. Dr Iftekhar Ahmed, University of Newcastle
  865. Associate Professor Ignacio Correa-Velez, Queensland University of Technology
  866. Dr Ihssane Zouikr, University of Newcastle
  867. Associate Professor Ilana Mushin, University of Queensland
  868. Imogen Mathew, Australian National University
  869. Dr Inara Walden, University of New South Wales
  870. Indigo Holcombe-James, Swinburne University of Technology
  871. Dr Inez Mahony, University of the Sunshine Coast
  872. Dr Inge Kral, Australian National University
  873. Associate Professor Inger Mewburn, Australian National University
  874. Ingrid Kennedy, Central Queensland University
  875. Ingrid Lee, Victoria University
  876. Ingrid Wijeyewardene, University of New England
  877. Dr Irina Harris, University of Sydney
  878. Iris Brito, Central Queensland University
  879. Isaac Harrisson, University of Technology Sydney
  880. Isabel O’Keeffe, University of Sydney
  881. Isabella Ofner, University of Melbourne
  882. Dr Isobel Mary Poynten, University of New South Wales
  883. Associate Professor Ivan Crozier, University of Sydney
  884. Dr Jaap Timmer, Macquarie University
  885. Dr Jacinda Woodhead, Victoria University
  886. Jacinta Richards, Victoria University
  887. Dr Jack Desbiolles, University of South Australia
  888. Jack Roberts, University of Melbourne
  889. Associate Professor Jacqueline Broad, Monash University
  890. Dr Jacqueline D’warte, Western Sydney University
  891. Dr Jacqueline Mowbray, University of Sydney
  892. Dr Jacqueline Nelson, University of Technology Sydney
  893. Dr Jacqueline Street, University of Adelaide
  894. Professor Jacques Boulet, Deakin University
  895. Dr Jacqui Baker, Murdoch University
  896. Jacquie Tinkler, Charles Sturt University
  897. Jade D. Frost, University of Newcastle
  898. Associate Professor Jake Lynch, University of Sydney
  899. Professor Jakob Hohwy, Monash University
  900. Dr Jamal Barnes, Edith Cowan University
  901. Professor James Arvanitakis, Western Sydney University
  902. Dr James Lennox, Victoria University
  903. Dr James Marland, Australian Catholic University
  904. Associate Professor James McCaw, University of Melbourne
  905. Dr James Meese, University of Technology Sydney
  906. Dr James Parker, University of Melbourne
  907. Associate Professor James Phillips, University of New South Wales
  908. Dr James R. Levy, University of New South Wales
  909. Associate Professor James Reilly, University of Sydney
  910. Dr James Rowe, RMIT University
  911. Dr James Sauer, University of Tasmania
  912. Associate Professor Jan Gothard, Murdoch University
  913. Professor Jan Herrington, Murdoch University
  914. Jananie William, Australian National University
  915. Dr Jane Bellemore, University of Newcastle
  916. Dr Jane Bullen, University of New South Wales
  917. Dr Jane Carey, University of Wollongong
  918. Dr Jane Hanley, Macquarie University
  919. Professor Jane Helen Simpson, Australian National University
  920. Dr Jane Heller, Charles Sturt University
  921. Professor Emeritus Jane Kenway, Monash University
  922. Jane Law, University of Newcastle
  923. Professor Jane Lydon, University of Western Australia
  924. Associate Professor Jane Mears, Western Sydney University
  925. Associate Professor Jane Mills, University of New South Wales
  926. Dr Jane Rich, University of New South Wales
  927. Dr Jane Thomson, University of the Sunshine Coast
  928. Dr Jane Wangmann, University of Technology Sydney
  929. Associate Professor Jane Wilkinson, Monash University
  930. Associate Professor Janemaree Maher, Monash University
  931. Associate Professor Janet Hunt, Australian National University
  932. Professor Janet McCalman, University of Melbourne
  933. Dr Janice Helen Wegner, James Cook University
  934. Professor Janine O’Flynn, University of Melbourne
  935. Jasmine Dawson, University of Melbourne
  936. Dr Jason Grossman, Australian National University
  937. Dr Jason MacLeod, University of Queensland
  938. Associate Professor Jason Tangen, University of Queensland
  939. Dr Jason Von Meding, University of Newcastle
  940. Associate Professor Javier Alvarez-Mon, Macquarie University
  941. Dr Jay Daniel Thompson, University of Melbourne
  942. Professor Jaya Dantat, Curtin University
  943. Dr Jayne Persian, University of Southern Queensland
  944. Dr Jayson Cooper, Victoria University
  945. Dr Jean Jonathan Bogais, University of Sydney
  946. Dr Jean Mulder, University of Melbourne
  947. Associate Professor Jeanette, University of Melbourne
  948. Professor Jeanette Kennett, Macquarie University
  949. Dr Jeannette Taylor, University of Western Australia
  950. Dr Jeannine Baker, Macquarie University
  951. Associate Professor Jean-Philippe Deranty, Macquarie University
  952. Professor Jeff Giddings, Griffith University
  953. Professor Emeritus Jeff Siegel, University of New England
  954. Jema Stellato Pledger, Australian Catholic University
  955. Dr Jemma Purdey, Monash University
  956. Dr Jen Tsen Kwok, University of Queensland
  957. Associate Professor Jenna Mead, University of Western Australia
  958. Jenna Price, University of Technology Sydney
  959. Professor Jenni Millbank, University of Technology Sydney
  960. Dr Jennie Jeppesen, University of Melbourne
  961. Dr Jennifer Balint, University of Melbourne
  962. Dr Jennifer Boddy, Griffith University
  963. Dr Jennifer Bonham, University of Adelaide
  964. Jennifer C. B. Smith, University of Southern Queensland
  965. Dr Jennifer Crawford, University of Canberra
  966. Dr Jennifer Green, University of Melbourne
  967. Associate Professor Jennifer Gribble, University of Sydney
  968. Jennifer Haines, University of Technology Sydney
  969. Jennifer Helen Cramer, Edith Cowan University
  970. Jennifer K Miles, Monash University
  971. Jennifer Leigh Clutterbuck, University of Queensland
  972. Jennifer M Rabach, Victoria University
  973. Jennifer Stokes, University of South Australia
  974. Dr Jennifer Windt, Monash University
  975. Dr Jennnifer Lee, Victoria University
  976. Associate Professor Jenny Bowman, University of Newcastle
  977. Associate Professor Jenny Cameron, University of Newcastle
  978. Dr Jenny Setchell, University of Queensland
  979. Professor Jenny Sharples, Victoria University
  980. Jeremiah Brown, University of Melbourne
  981. Associate Professor Emeritus Jeremy Rex Beckett, University of Sydney
  982. Dr Jess Gifkins, University of Queensland
  983. Dr Jess Harris, University of Newcastle
  984. Jess Ison, La Trobe University
  985. Dr Jess McLean, Macquarie University
  986. Jessamy Gleeson, Swinburne University of Technology
  987. Dr Jesse Jansen, University of Sydney
  988. Dr Jessica Carniel, University of Southern Queensland
  989. Dr Jessica Gerrard, University of Melbourne
  990. Dr Jessica White, University of Queensland
  991. Jessicah Mullins, University of New South Wales
  992. Jessie Taylor, Monash University
  993. Jeswynn Yogaratnam, Charles Darwin University
  994. Jewels Smith, Flinders University
  995. Dr Jill Brown, Australian Catholic University
  996. Professor Jill Gabrielle Klein, University of Melbourne
  997. Professor Emeritus Jill Julius Matthews, Australian National University
  998. Associate Professor Jill Murray, La Trobe University
  999. Dr Jill Scevak, University of Newcastle
  1000. Dr Jill Stockwell, Swinburne University of Technology
  1001. Dr Jill Sweeney, University of Newcastle
  1002. Professor Jill White, University of Sydney
  1003. Professor Emeritus Jim Ife, Curtin University
  1004. Associate Professor Jim Jose, University of Newcastle
  1005. Dr Jo Coghlan, Southern Cross University
  1006. Associate Professor Jo Lampert, Queensland University of Technology
  1007. Dr Jo Langdon, Deakin University
  1008. Dr Jo Spangaro, University of New South Wales
  1009. Dr Jo Watson, Deakin University
  1010. Dr Jo Williams, Victoria University
  1011. Joachim Ferrer, University of Southern Queensland
  1012. Dr Joan Grant, Monash University
  1013. Dr Joan Staples, RMIT University
  1014. Joanna Besley, University of Queensland
  1015. Dr Joanna Kyriakakis, Monash University
  1016. Dr Joanna Turner, University of Southern Queensland
  1017. Dr Jo-Anne Kelder, University of Tasmania
  1018. Joanne Paterson Kinniburgh, University of Technology Sydney
  1019. Professor Jo-Anne Reid, Charles Sturt University
  1020. Associate Professor Joanne Somerville, University of Western Australia
  1021. Joanne Thurman, Australian National University
  1022. Dr Joanne Wallis, Australian National University
  1023. Associate Professor Jocelyn Angus, Victoria University
  1024. Dr Jocelyn Grace, Independent Scholar
  1025. Professor Jock Collins, University of Technology Sydney
  1026. Dr Jodi Oakman, La Trobe University
  1027. Jodie Doyle, University of Melbourne
  1028. Jodie Matthews, University of Technology Sydney
  1029. Dr Jodie McClelland, La Trobe University
  1030. Assistant Professor Jodie O’Leary, Bond University
  1031. Dr Joe Blythe, Macquarie University
  1032. Dr Joel Anderson, Australian Catholic University
  1033. Professor Emeritus Joel S. Kahn, La Trobe University
  1034. Dr Joel Windle, Monash University
  1035. Johanna Duyvestyn, Monash University
  1036. Dr Johanna Perheentupa, University of New South Wales
  1037. Professor Johanna Wyn, University of Melbourne
  1038. Professor John Andrew Tully, Victoria University
  1039. Professor John B. Ziegler, University of New South Wales
  1040. Dr John Cianchi, University of Tasmania
  1041. Dr John D. Jansen, University of Wollongong
  1042. Professor John Flood, Griffith University
  1043. Associate Professor John Grumley, University of Sydney
  1044. Associate Professor John Grumley, University of Sydney
  1045. Dr John Hughes, University of Canberra
  1046. Professor John Keane, University of Sydney
  1047. Professor Emeritus John Lechte, Macquarie University
  1048. Dr John Mansfield, University of Melbourne
  1049. John McCartin, Victoria University
  1050. Associate Professor John Michael O’Bruien, University of Sydney
  1051. Dr John Morton, La Trobe University
  1052. Dr John Napier, University of New South Wales
  1053. Dr John O’Carroll, Charles Sturt University
  1054. Professor John Parkinson, Griffith University
  1055. John Passant, Australian National University
  1056. Professor John Polesel, University of Melbourne
  1057. Dr John R Morss, Deakin University
  1058. Dr John Richard Tomlinson, Queensland University of Technology
  1059. John Rolls, University of South Australia
  1060. Associate Professor John Talbot Jackson, RMIT University
  1061. Professor John Tobin, University of Melbourne
  1062. Professor John Vance Langmore, University of Melbourne
  1063. Professor John Webb, Swinburne University of Technology
  1064. Dr John Weldon, Victoria University
  1065. Dr John Whelen, Monash University
  1066. Professor John Wiseman, University of Melbourne
  1067. Dr Jolyn Hersch, University of Sydney
  1068. Professor Jon Altman, Deakin University
  1069. Professor Jon Jureidini, University of Adelaide
  1070. Dr Jonathan Freeston, University of Sydney
  1071. Dr Jonathan Strauss, James Cook University
  1072. Associate Professor Joo-Cheong Tham, University of Melbourne
  1073. Dr Jordan McKenzie, University of New England
  1074. Associate Professor Jordan Williams, University of Canberra
  1075. Dr Jordy Silverstein, University of Melbourne
  1076. Dr Jorge Knijnik, Western Sydney University
  1077. Professor Emeritus Joseph A. Camilleri, La Trobe University
  1078. Joseph Alizzi, University of New South Wales
  1079. Professor Joseph Pugliese, Macquarie University
  1080. Josh Hewitt, University of Newcastle
  1081. Dr Joshua M. Roose, Australian Catholic University
  1082. Dr Joshua McGrane, University of Western Australia
  1083. Professor Josie Arnold, Swinburne University of Technology
  1084. Professor Joy Damousi, University of Melbourne
  1085. Dr Joyce Wu, Australian National University
  1086. Dr Joyleen Christensen, University of Newcastle
  1087. Juana Maria Rodriguez, Victoria University
  1088. Dr Judith Anderson, Charles Sturt University
  1089. Dr Judith Betts, University of Technology Sydney
  1090. Professor Emeritus Judith Brett, La Trobe University
  1091. Dr Judith Burton, Queensland University of Technology
  1092. Dr Judith Lichtenzveig, Curtin University
  1093. Associate Professor Judith Murray, University of Queensland
  1094. Dr Judith Walton, Victoria University
  1095. Dr Judy Gold, Independent Scholar
  1096. Dr Judy Williams, Monash University
  1097. Julia Bloom, Griffith University
  1098. Dr Julia de Bruyn, University of Sydney
  1099. Julia Meis, University of Melbourne
  1100. Dr Julian Berengut, University of New South Wales
  1101. Professor Julian Murphet, University of New South Wales
  1102. Dr Juliana Antonipillai, Victoria University
  1103. Dr Julie Arnold, Victoria University
  1104. Julie Blythe, La Trobe University
  1105. Dr Julie Choi, University of Melbourne
  1106. Dr Julie Clutterbuck, Monash University
  1107. Dr Julie Faulkner, Monash University
  1108. Dr Julie Fletcher, Victoria University
  1109. Dr Julie Kimber, Swinburne University of Technology
  1110. Dr Julie King, Queensland University of Technology
  1111. Associate Professor Julie Leask, University of Sydney
  1112. Associate Professor Julie Matthews, University of Adelaide
  1113. Professor Julie McLeod, University of Melbourne
  1114. Julie Montgarrett, Charles Sturt University
  1115. Associate Professor Julie Stephens, Victoria University
  1116. Julie Tucker, Swinburne University of Technology
  1117. Dr Julie White, Victoria University
  1118. Dr Julien Louys, Australian National University
  1119. Juliet Bennett, University of Sydney
  1120. Dr Juliet Flesch, University of Melbourne
  1121. Dr Juliet Watson, RMIT University
  1122. Associate Professor Julue Evans, University of Melbourne
  1123. Dr June Factor, University of Melbourne
  1124. Associate Professor Justin Clemens, University of Melbourne
  1125. Associate Professor Justin Denholm, University of Melbourne
  1126. Professor Justin Harris, University of Sydney
  1127. Dr Justine O’Sullivan, Western Sydney University
  1128. Justine Poon, Australian National University
  1129. Associate Professor Kalervo N. Gulson, University of New South Wales
  1130. Dr Kamaljit K Sangha, Charles Darwin University
  1131. Professor Kanishka Jayasuriya, Murdoch University
  1132. Kara Beavis, University of Sydney
  1133. Dr Karen Block, University of Melbourne
  1134. Dr Karen Crawley, Griffith University
  1135. Karen Crowe, University of Wollongong
  1136. Dr Karen Downing, Australian National University
  1137. Karen Dunwoodie, Monash University
  1138. Dr Karen Hallam, RMIT University
  1139. Dr Karen Hands, Griffith University
  1140. Dr Karen Jones, University of Melbourne
  1141. Professor Karen Joy Nelson, University of the Sunshine Coast
  1142. Dr Karen Lambert, Monash University
  1143. Dr Karen Martin, University of Western Australia
  1144. Karen McDavitt, Edith Cowan University
  1145. Karen Menzies, University of Newcastle
  1146. Karen Nobes, University of Newcastle
  1147. Karen Schamberger, Deakin University
  1148. Dr Karen Soldatic, Western Sydney University
  1149. Dr Karen Turner, University of Melbourne
  1150. Dr Karen Turner, University of Queensland
  1151. Associate Professor Karen Zwi, University of New South Wales
  1152. Dr Karey Harrison, University of Southern Queensland
  1153. Kari Lancaster, University of New South Wales
  1154. Dr Karin Findeis, University of Sydney
  1155. Dr Karin Hammarberg, Monash University
  1156. Associate Professor Karin Speedy, Macquarie University
  1157. Karin Temperley, University of Melbourne
  1158. Adj Assoc Prof Karl Reed, La Trobe University
  1159. Karla Elliott, Monash University
  1160. Associate Professor Karleen Gribble, Western Sydney University
  1161. Dr Kasia Bail, University of Canberra
  1162. Dr Katarina Tuinamuana, Australian Catholic University
  1163. Dr Kate Bagnall, University of Wollongong
  1164. Dr Kate Bowles, University of Wollongong
  1165. Associate Professor Kate Chanock, La Trobe University
  1166. Kate Davison, University of Melbourne
  1167. Dr Kate Driscoll, RMIT University
  1168. Dr Kate Ferguson-Patrick, University of Newcastle
  1169. Dr Kate Fitch, Murdoch University
  1170. Dr Kate Hall, Deakin University
  1171. Kate Johnston-Ataata, Monash University
  1172. Associate Professor Kate Lilley, University of Sydney
  1173. Dr Kate Lynch, Macquarie University
  1174. Dr Kate Purcell, University of Technology Sydney
  1175. Kate Saxton, Queensland University of Technology
  1176. Dr Kate Seymour, Flinders University
  1177. Dr Kate Warner, University of Queensland
  1178. Professor Katharine Gelber, University of Queensland
  1179. Associate Professor Katharine McGregor, University of Melbourne
  1180. Associate Professor Katharine Therese Massam, University of Divinity
  1181. Professor Katherine Biber, University of Technology Sydney
  1182. Dr Katherine Curchin, Australian National University
  1183. Dr Katherine Ellinghaus, Monash University
  1184. Katherine Fallah, University of Technology Sydney
  1185. Dr Katherine Firth, University of Melbourne
  1186. Katherine Giunta, University of Sydney
  1187. Kathleen Blair, Western Sydney University
  1188. Dr Kathleen Flanagan, University of Tasmania
  1189. Dr Kathleen McPhillips, University of Newcastle
  1190. Kathleen Openshaw, Western Sydney University
  1191. Dr Kathleen P. Conte, University of Sydney
  1192. Kathrin Bartha, Monash University
  1193. Dr Kathryn Amos, University of Adelaide
  1194. Dr Kathryn Daley, RMIT University
  1195. Dr Kathryn Gilbey, University of Southern Queensland
  1196. Dr Kathryn Henne, Australian National University
  1197. Professor Kathy Boxall, Edith Cowan University
  1198. Professor Kathy Eagar, University of Wollongong
  1199. Dr Kathy Ellem, Queensland University of Technology
  1200. Dr Kathy Louise Knox, Griffith University
  1201. Dr Katie Freund, Australian National University
  1202. Professor Katie Holmes, La Trobe University
  1203. Associate Professor Katie Hughes, Monash University
  1204. Dr Katie O’Bryan, Monash University
  1205. Dr Katie Sutton, Australian National University
  1206. Dr Katie Wright, La Trobe University
  1207. Katrina, University of Adelaide
  1208. Dr Katrina Lee-Koo, Monash University
  1209. Dr Katrina Morris, University of New South Wales
  1210. Professor Katrina Skewes McFerrAn, University of Melbourne
  1211. Professor Katrina Williams, University of Melbourne
  1212. Associate Professor Katy Barnett, University of Melbourne
  1213. Dr Katy Bell, University of Sydney
  1214. Kavitha Suthanthiraraj, University of New South Wales
  1215. Dr Kay Hearn, Edith Cowan University
  1216. Professor Emeritus Kay Lawrence Am, University of South Australia
  1217. Kayleen Manwaring, University of New South Wales
  1218. Dr Kcasey McLoughlin, University of Newcastle
  1219. Dr Kearrin Sims, Western Sydney University
  1220. Dr Keis Ohtsuka, Victoria University
  1221. Professor Keith Jacobs, University of Tasmania
  1222. Professor Kelley Johnson, University of New South Wales
  1223. Dr Kelly Gerard, University of Western Australia
  1224. Dr Kelly Greenop, University of Queensland
  1225. Kelly Hamilton, Macquarie University
  1226. Kelly McDonnell, University of Newcastle
  1227. Dr Ken Macnab, University of Sydney
  1228. Dr Ken Setiawan, University of Melbourne
  1229. Associate Professor Kenneth Pope, Flinders University
  1230. Dr Keren Lee Witcombe, University of Western Australia
  1231. Dr Kerin Maureen Coulehan, Charles Darwin University
  1232. Dr Kerri Whittenbury, Monash University
  1233. Dr Kerrie Wiley, University of Sydney
  1234. Professor Emeritus Kerry Goulston, University of Sydney
  1235. Associate Professor Kerry Leigh Wilkinson, University of Adelaide
  1236. Dr Kerry Petersen, La Trobe University
  1237. Kevin Boreham, Australian National University
  1238. Professor Kevin Dunn, Western Sydney University
  1239. Khanh Hoang, Australian National University
  1240. Dr Kim Burwell, University of New South Wales
  1241. Dr Kim Gray, University of Newcastle
  1242. Dr Kim Robinson, Deakin University
  1243. Professor Kim Rubenstein, Australian National University
  1244. Dr Kim Spurway, University of New South Wales
  1245. Dr Kim Wilkins, University of Newcastle
  1246. Dr Kim-Song Le, Murdoch University
  1247. Kira Clarke, University of Melbourne
  1248. Dr Kiran Grewal, Australian Catholic University
  1249. Dr Kirrily Holton, Flinders University
  1250. Dr Kirrily Jordan, Australian National University
  1251. Professor Kirsten McCaffery, University of Sydney
  1252. Dr Kirsten McLean, Monash University
  1253. Kirsten Wahlstrom, University of South Australia
  1254. Dr Kirsten Winter, University of Queensland
  1255. Dr Kit MacFarlane, University of South Australia
  1256. Professor Kitty te Riele, Victoria University
  1257. Professor Klaus Neumann, Swinburne University of Technology
  1258. Kristen Graham, Flinders University
  1259. Associate Professor Kristen Lyons, University of Queensland
  1260. Professor Kristin Natalier, Flinders University
  1261. Dr Kristine Aquino, Macquarie University
  1262. Associate Professor Kristine Macartney, University of Sydney
  1263. Dr Kristy Martire, University of New South Wales
  1264. Krystal Robinson, Griffith University
  1265. Associate Professor Kurt Iveson, University of Sydney
  1266. Dr Kyja Noack-Lundberg, University of Technology Sydney
  1267. Kyli Hedrick, Victoria University
  1268. Dr Kylie Andrews, University of Technology Sydney
  1269. Dr Kylie McKenna, Australian National University
  1270. Dr Kylie Valentine, University of New South Wales
  1271. Dr Kyoung-Hee Yu, University of New South Wales
  1272. Kythera Watson-Bonnice, Swinburne University of Technology
  1273. Lael Ridgway, La Trobe University
  1274. Professor Emeritus Laksiri Jayasuriya, University of Western Australia
  1275. Dr Lan Anh Hoang, University of Melbourne
  1276. Dr Lara McKenzie, University of Western Australia
  1277. Dr Lara Palombo, Macquarie University
  1278. Dr Larissa Sandy, RMIT University
  1279. Larry Stillman, Monash University
  1280. Dr Laura Dales, University of Western Australia
  1281. Dr Laura de Zwaan, Queensland University of Technology
  1282. Dr Laura Griffin, La Trobe University
  1283. Dr Laura Hammersley, Macquarie University
  1284. Associate Professor Laura J. Shepherd, University of New South Wales
  1285. Laura Kotevska, University of Sydney
  1286. Laura Petersen, University of Melbourne
  1287. Dr Laura Rademaker, Australian Catholic University
  1288. Dr Laura Schroeter, University of Melbourne
  1289. Laura Smith-Khan, University of Sydney
  1290. Laura Thomas, University of Melbourne
  1291. Laurel Johnson, University of Queensland
  1292. Lauren Gay Honcope, Australian National University
  1293. Dr Lauren Harms, University of Newcastle
  1294. Dr Lauren Meath, University of Melbourne
  1295. Dr Lauren Vogel, Griffith University
  1296. Dr Laurie Berg, University of Technology Sydney
  1297. Associate Professor Lawrence Cavedon, RMIT University
  1298. Professor Lawrence Welch, University of Melbourne
  1299. Dr Leah Gibbs, University of Wollongong
  1300. Dr Leah Kaufmann, Australian Catholic University
  1301. Leah Williams Veazey, University of Sydney
  1302. Associate Professor Leanne Weber, Monash University
  1303. Dr Lechi Vo, Murdoch University
  1304. Dr Lee Buttereorth, Griffith University
  1305. Lee Murray, Monash University
  1306. Associate Professor Leena Thomas, University of Technology Sydney
  1307. Dr Leesa Davis, Deakin University
  1308. Dr Leigh Brookshaw, University of Southern Queensland
  1309. Dr Leila Toiviainen, University of Tasmania
  1310. Dr Lejla Voloder, Monash University
  1311. Professor Lelia Green, Edith Cowan University
  1312. Dr Leonie Gweneth Cox, Queensland University of Technology
  1313. Dr Leonie Miller, University of Wollongong
  1314. Dr Leonie Stevens, Monash University
  1315. Professor Les Irwig, University of Sydney
  1316. Dr Les Terry, University of Melbourne
  1317. Lesley Carnus, University of Sydney
  1318. Dr Lesley Pruitt, Monash University
  1319. Leslie Wiggins, Queensland University of Technology
  1320. Liam Carver, University of Newcastle
  1321. Dr Liam Grealy, University of Sydney
  1322. Dr Liam Neame, Monash University
  1323. Dr Liam Phelan, University of Newcastle
  1324. Associate Professor Libby Porter, RMIT University
  1325. Dr Licho López, University of Melbourne
  1326. Associate Professor Lily Rahim, University of Sydney
  1327. Professor Lin Padgham, RMIT University
  1328. Lina Koleilat, Australian National University
  1329. Dr Linda Barclay, Monash University
  1330. Dr Linda Bartolomei, University of New South Wales
  1331. Professor Linda Briskman, Swinburne University of Technology
  1332. Dr Linda Campbell, University of Newcastle
  1333. Dr Linda Cobiac, University of Melbourne
  1334. Professor Linda Connor, University of Sydney
  1335. Linda Ghys, Charles Sturt University
  1336. Dr Linda Henderson, Monash University
  1337. Linda Kirk, Australian National University
  1338. Linda Simon, Charles Sturt University
  1339. Dr Linda Young, Deakin University
  1340. Lindsay Cole, University of Adelaide
  1341. Lindsey Stevenson-Graf, Bond University
  1342. Lindy Kimmins, University of Southern Queensland
  1343. Linette Hawkins, RMIT University
  1344. Lisa Barritt-Eyles, University of Newcastle
  1345. Dr Lisa Bode, University of Queensland
  1346. Lisa Coates, Charles Sturt University
  1347. Associate Professor Lisa Gibbs, University of Melbourne
  1348. Lisa Gye, Swinburne University of Technology
  1349. Dr Lisa Hartley, Curtin University
  1350. Lisa Keegan, Griffith University
  1351. Associate Professor Lisa L Wynn, Macquarie University
  1352. Associate Professor Lisa Law, James Cook University
  1353. Dr Lisa MacKinney, University of Melbourne
  1354. Dr Lisa McDonald, University of Southern Queensland
  1355. Dr Lisa Milner, Southern Cross University
  1356. Lisa Radford, University of Melbourne
  1357. Dr Lisa Stefanoff, University of New South Wales
  1358. Associate Professor Lisa Toohey, University of New South Wales
  1359. Lise Barry, Macquarie University
  1360. Livia Cocetta, University of South Australia
  1361. Dr Liz Conor, La Trobe University
  1362. Dr Liz Curran, Australian National University
  1363. Liz Heathcote, University of Adelaide
  1364. Dr Liz Temple, Federation University
  1365. Liz White, Victoria University
  1366. Associate Professor Liz Williamson, University of New South Wales
  1367. Dr Liza Hopkins, Monash University
  1368. Dr Lloyd White, La Trobe University
  1369. Associate Professor Lorana Bartels, University of Canberra
  1370. Associate Professor Loretta Baldassar, University of Western Australia
  1371. Dr Lorraine Towers, University of Sydney
  1372. Dr Louisa Willoughby, Monash University
  1373. Dr Louise Boon-Kuo, University of Sydney
  1374. Dr Louise Crabtree, Western Sydney University
  1375. Professor Louise D’Arcens, Macquarie University
  1376. Dr Louise Fitzgerald, University of New South Wales
  1377. Louise Francis, Monash University
  1378. Louise Freijser, University of Melbourne
  1379. Professor Louise Harms, University of Melbourne
  1380. Professor Louise Johnson, Deakin University
  1381. Professor Louise Newman, University of Melbourne
  1382. Louise Noble, University of Southern Queensland
  1383. Dr Louise Pemberton, Charles Sturt University
  1384. Associate Professor Louise Ravelli, University of New South Wales
  1385. Professor Louise Sharpe, University of Sydney
  1386. Dr Lucas Lixinski, University of New South Wales
  1387. Dr Lucette Cysique, University of New South Wales
  1388. Dr Lucia Sorbera, University of Sydney
  1389. Dr Luciana d’Arcangeli, Flinders University
  1390. Professor Lucie Rychetnik, University of Notre Dame
  1391. Dr Lucinda Aberdeen, La Trobe University
  1392. Dr Lucy Fiske, University of Technology Sydney
  1393. Dr Lucy Hopkins, Edith Cowan University
  1394. Lucy Kaldor, University of Technology Sydney
  1395. Dr Lucy Neave, Australian National University
  1396. Dr Lucy Nicholas, Swinburne University of Technology
  1397. Dr Lucy Zinkiewicz, Deakin University
  1398. Luke Craven, University of Sydney
  1399. Dr Luke Fischer, University of Sydney
  1400. Dr Luke Heemsbergen, University of Melbourne
  1401. Professor Luke McNamara, University of New South Wales
  1402. Lydia Hayward, University of Queensland
  1403. Dr Lydia Wells, Murdoch University
  1404. Professor Lyn Parker, University of Western Australia
  1405. Lyn Richards, RMIT University
  1406. Associate Professor Lynda Cheshire, University of Queensland
  1407. Dr Lynda Shevellar, University of Queensland
  1408. Professor Lyndal Bond, Victoria University
  1409. Professor Lyndal Trevena, University of Sydney
  1410. Professor Lyndall Ryan, University of Newcastle
  1411. Professor Lyndsey Nickels, Macquarie University
  1412. Professor Lynette Russell, Monash University
  1413. Associate Professor Lynne Briggs, Griffith University
  1414. Professor Lynne Parkinson, Central Queensland University
  1415. Madelaine Chiam, University of Melbourne
  1416. Dr Madeleine Strong Cincotta, University of Wollongong
  1417. Madeline Begg, Macquarie University
  1418. Dr Magdalena Anna Zych, University of Queensland
  1419. Dr Magdalena Zolkos, Australian Catholic University
  1420. Dr Magenta Simmons, University of Melbourne
  1421. Maggie May, Griffith University
  1422. Dr Maggie Tonkin, University of Adelaide
  1423. Dr Mahiuddin Chowdhury, University of New South Wales
  1424. Associate Professor Maila Stivens, University of Melbourne
  1425. Dr Mair Underwood, University of Queensland
  1426. Dr Mairwen Jones, University of Sydney
  1427. Dr Malcolm Brown, University of Southern Queensland
  1428. Professor Malcolm Mackinnon, Flinders University
  1429. Mandip Rai, Australian National University
  1430. Mandy Hughes, Southern Cross University
  1431. Dr Mandy Lupton, Queensland University of Technology
  1432. Associate Professor Marcelle Freiman, Macquarie University
  1433. Dr Marcus Banks, RMIT University
  1434. Associate Professor Marcus Mietzner, Australian National University
  1435. Associate Professor Maree Gruppetta, University of Newcastle
  1436. Dr Maree Keating, Victoria University
  1437. Maree Wheelens, Victoria University
  1438. Professor Emerita Margaret Allen, University of Adelaide
  1439. Professor Margaret Alston, Monash University
  1440. Margaret Coady, University of Melbourne
  1441. Professor Margaret Davies, Flinders University
  1442. Dr Margaret Mayhew, La Trobe University
  1443. Associate Professor Margaret Simons, University of Melbourne
  1444. Professor Margaret Thornton, Australian National University
  1445. Dr Margherita Matera, University of Melbourne
  1446. Dr Margie Borschke, Macquarie University
  1447. Dr Margot Ford, University of Newcastle
  1448. Associate Professor Marguerite Johnson, University of Newcastle
  1449. Dr Marguerite Nolan, Australian Catholic University
  1450. Maria Barbagallo, University of Sydney
  1451. Dr Maria Elander, La Trobe University
  1452. Dr Maria Giannacopoulos, Flinders University
  1453. Dr Maria Gindidis, Monash University
  1454. Professor Maria Harries, University of Western Australia
  1455. Dr Maria Hynes, Australian National University
  1456. Dr Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Deakin University
  1457. Maria Rae, Deakin University
  1458. Associate Professor Maria Takolander, Deakin University
  1459. Marian Nicolazzo, Monash University
  1460. Dr Marianne Jauncey, University of Sydney
  1461. Dr Mariano Ramirez, University of New South Wales
  1462. Honorary Professor Marie Brennan, Victoria University
  1463. Marilyn Casley, Griffith University
  1464. Professor Marilyn Lake, University of Melbourne
  1465. Dr Marilyn Metta, Curtin University
  1466. Dr Marilyn Palmer, Edith Cowan University
  1467. Dr Mario Peucker, Victoria University
  1468. Professor Marion Maddox, Macquarie University
  1469. Marion Sturges, Western Sydney University
  1470. Associate Professor Marjorie Kibby, University of Newcastle
  1471. Mark Allen, Swinburne University of Technology
  1472. Dr Mark Boyes, Curtin University
  1473. Associate Professor Mark Brough, Queensland University of Technology
  1474. Associate Professor Mark Chou, Australian Catholic University
  1475. Associate Professor Mark Harvey, University of Newcastle
  1476. Associate Professor Mark Horswill, University of Queensland
  1477. Professor Mark Hughes, Southern Cross University
  1478. Dr Mark Jeffrey Stevenson, Victoria University
  1479. Mark Jones, University of South Australia
  1480. Dr Mark Nicholls, University of Melbourne
  1481. Dr Mark Rubin, University of Newcastle
  1482. Dr Mark Vicars, Victoria University
  1483. Professor Mark Wallace, Monash University
  1484. Professor Mark Williams, Macquarie University
  1485. Marnie Tonkin, University of Western Australia
  1486. Associate Professor Martha M, University of Melbourne
  1487. Dr Martin Andrew, Victoria University
  1488. Dr Martin Brueckner, Murdoch University
  1489. Associate Professor Martin Forsey, University of Western Australia
  1490. Professor Martin Gibbs, University of New England
  1491. Martin Roberts, Western Sydney University
  1492. Dr Martina Boese, La Trobe University
  1493. Dr Martine Hawkes, Monash University
  1494. Associate Professor Mary Anne Kenny, Murdoch University
  1495. Professor Mary Anne Noone, La Trobe University
  1496. Professor Mary Bosworth, Monash University
  1497. Professor Mary Crock, University of Sydney
  1498. Dr Mary Dracup, Deakin University
  1499. Mary Hackett, RMIT University
  1500. Dr Mary Leahy, University of Melbourne
  1501. Associate Professor Mary Macken-Horarik, Australian Catholic University
  1502. Dr Mary Tomsic, University of Melbourne
  1503. Dr Mary Walker, Monash University
  1504. Dr Mary Weaven, Victoria University
  1505. Professor Maryanne Dever, University of Technology Sydney
  1506. Dr Maryanne Kelton, Flinders University
  1507. Mary-Louise Connell, Victoria University
  1508. Dr Mary-Rose McLaren, Victoria University
  1509. Dr Masoud Kamgarpour, University of Queensland
  1510. Dr Mathew Abbott, Federation University
  1511. Dr Mathew D. Marques, La Trobe University
  1512. Dr Mathew Davies, Australian National University
  1513. Mathew Toll, University of Sydney
  1514. Associate Professor Matt McDonald, University of Queensland
  1515. Matthew Ball, Queensland University of Technology
  1516. Associate Professor Matthew Fitzpatrick, Flinders University
  1517. Dr Matthew Millar, Macquarie University
  1518. Matthew O’Neill, University of Western Australia
  1519. Associate Professor Matthew Phillips, Queensland University of Technology
  1520. Associate Professor Matthew Sharpe, Deakin University
  1521. Associate Professor Matthew Zagor, Australian National University
  1522. Dr Matthias Kowasch, University of Melbourne
  1523. Dr Maureen Long, La Trobe University
  1524. Professor Maureen Ryan, Victoria University
  1525. Max Kaiser, University of Melbourne
  1526. Max Walden, University of Sydney
  1527. Dr Maxwell Waugh, Monash University
  1528. Associate Professor McComas Taylor, Australian National University
  1529. Dr Meagan Tyler, RMIT University
  1530. Dr Meg Mumford, University of New South Wales
  1531. Megan Blake, Monash University
  1532. Dr Megan Campbell, Victoria University
  1533. Dr Megan Lim, Monash University
  1534. Dr Megan MacKenzie, University of Sydney
  1535. Associate Professor Megan Passey, University of Sydney
  1536. Megan Tighe, University of Tasmania
  1537. Megan Vine, University of New England
  1538. Megan Weier, University of Queensland
  1539. Mehera San Roque, University of New South Wales
  1540. Dr Meighen Katz, University of Melbourne
  1541. Adjunct Professor Mel Ainscow, Queensland University of Technology
  1542. Dr Melanie Baak, University of South Australia
  1543. Melanie Hemy, Griffith University
  1544. Dr Melanie Murphy, La Trobe University
  1545. Dr Melanie Rosen, Macquarie University
  1546. Associate Professor Melanie Swalwell, Flinders University
  1547. Associate Professor Melinda Cooper, University of Sydney
  1548. Associate Professor Melinda Hinkson, Deakin University
  1549. Melissa Castan, Monash University
  1550. Dr Melissa Hardie, University of Sydney
  1551. Melissa Johnston, Murdoch University
  1552. Dr Melissa Norberg, Macquarie University
  1553. Dr Melissa Phillips, University of Melbourne
  1554. Dr Meredith Nash, University of Tasmania
  1555. Dr Meredith Rogers, La Trobe University
  1556. Dr Merri Randell, Central Queensland University
  1557. Professor Merrilyn Walton, Monash University
  1558. Associate Professor Merryn Davies, Victoria University
  1559. Dr Mervi Kaukko, Monash University
  1560. Associate Professor Mia Lindgren, Monash University
  1561. Dr Mianna Lotz, Macquarie University
  1562. Associate Professor Michael Adams, University of Wollongong
  1563. Dr Michael Beggs, University of Sydney
  1564. Dr Michael Bernard Kelly, Monash University
  1565. Dr Michael de Percy, University of Canberra
  1566. Visiting Fellow Michael Dillon, Australian National University
  1567. Associate Professor Michael Douglas, University of Sydney
  1568. Dr Michael Dudley, University of New South Wales
  1569. Professor Michael F. Barnsley, Australian National University
  1570. Adjunct Professor Michael Fine, Macquarie University
  1571. Michael Gratton, University of New South Wales
  1572. Dr Michael Grewcock, University of New South Wales
  1573. Dr Michael Hallpike, Victoria University
  1574. Professor Emeritus Michael Hamel-Green, Victoria University
  1575. Dr Michael Hewson, Central Queensland University
  1576. Dr Michael Hooper, University of New South Wales
  1577. Associate Professor Michael Howes, Griffith University
  1578. Professor Michael Humphrey, University of Sydney
  1579. Dr Michael Hyde, Victoria University
  1580. Michael Kerin, Victoria University
  1581. Michael Kilmister, University of Newcastle
  1582. Professor Michael Leach, Swinburne University of Technology
  1583. Dr Michael Livingston, La Trobe University
  1584. Dr Michael M Meany, University of Newcastle
  1585. Associate Professor Michael Meylan, University of Newcastle
  1586. Dr Michael Nordstrom, University of Adelaide
  1587. Dr Michael O’Kane, La Trobe University
  1588. Dr Michael Olson, Macquarie University
  1589. Associate Professor Michael W. Young, Australian National University
  1590. Dr Michael Wearing, University of New South Wales
  1591. Dr Michaela Baker, Macquarie University
  1592. Dr Michaela Riddell, University of New South Wales
  1593. Dr Michel Edenborough, Western Sydney University
  1594. Professor Michele Grossman, Victoria University
  1595. Dr Michelle Ball, Victoria University
  1596. Dr Michelle Black, Australian Catholic University
  1597. Dr Michelle DiGiacomo, University of Technology Sydney
  1598. Dr Michelle Duffy, Federation University
  1599. Dr Michelle Dunne Breen, University of Canberra
  1600. Professor Michelle Foster, University of Melbourne
  1601. Dr Michelle Gabriel, Independent Scholar
  1602. Dr Michelle Hackett, Murdoch University
  1603. Dr Michelle Kelly, Western Sydney University
  1604. Dr Michelle Lim, Griffith University
  1605. Michelle Mansfield, University of Newcastle
  1606. Michelle Ralston, University of Newcastle
  1607. Dr Michelle Redman-MacLaren, Central Queensland University
  1608. Michelle Worthington, Australian National University
  1609. Professor Miguel Rodríguez-Casellas, University of Technology Sydney
  1610. Dr Miles Bore, University of Newcastle
  1611. Professor Emeritus Miles Little, University of Sydney
  1612. Dr Miles Park, University of New South Wales
  1613. Dr Millicent Churcher, University of Sydney
  1614. Dr Millie Rooney, University of Tasmania
  1615. Professor Mindy Blaise, Victoria University
  1616. Miranda Bruce, Australian National University
  1617. Miranda Kaye, University of Technology Sydney
  1618. Miriam Cosic, University of Sydney
  1619. Dr Miriam Faine, Monash University
  1620. Dr Miriam Williams, University of Newcastle
  1621. Mirjam van der Heide, Australian Catholic University
  1622. Dr Mirna Cicioni, Monash University
  1623. Dr Mitchell Low, University of Western Australia
  1624. Moeen Cheema, Australian National University
  1625. Mohamad Tabbaa, University of Melbourne
  1626. Dr Mohamed Moustakim, Western Sydney University
  1627. Mohsen Solhdoost, University of Queensland
  1628. Dr Moira Byrne, Australian National University
  1629. Associate Professor Molly Townes O’Brien, Australian National University
  1630. Dr Monica Barratt, University of New South Wales
  1631. Dr Monica Campo, Australian Catholic University
  1632. Associate Professor Monica Gagliano, University of Western Australia
  1633. Monica Gendi, University of Newcastle
  1634. Associate Professor Monica Minnegal, University of Melbourne
  1635. Dr Monima Chadha, Monash University
  1636. Monique Cormier, University of Melbourne
  1637. Professor Monique Ryan, University of Melbourne
  1638. Professor Morag Mcarthur, Australian Catholic University
  1639. Morgana Lizzio-Wilson, University of Queensland
  1640. Mr. Lucio Rosario Crispino, University of Melbourne
  1641. Dr Murray Olsen, University of Queensland
  1642. Myles Mitchell, Australian National University
  1643. Dr Nadeem Malik, University of Melbourne
  1644. Nadera Hayat Burahni, University of Melbourne
  1645. Dr Nadia Rhook, La Trobe University
  1646. Professor Nancy A. Pachana, University of Queensland
  1647. Dr Nancy Williams, University of Queensland
  1648. Dr Naomi Godden, Monash University
  1649. Associate Professor Naomi Stead, University of Queensland
  1650. Naomi Wolfe, Australian Catholic University
  1651. Dr Narayan Gopalkrishnan, James Cook University
  1652. Dr Narelle Warren, Monash University
  1653. Dr Narita Bullock, University of Sydney
  1654. Dr Naser Ghobadzadeh, Australian Catholic University
  1655. Dr Natalie Carvalho, University of Melbourne
  1656. Natalie Ironfield, University of Melbourne
  1657. Dr Natalie Kon-Yu, Victoria University
  1658. Natalie Sheard, La Trobe University
  1659. Dr Nataliya Perevoshchikova, Monash University
  1660. Dr Natascha Klocker, University of Wollongong
  1661. Dr Natasha Amendola, Monash University
  1662. Professor (Adjunct) Natasha Cica, Australian National University
  1663. Dr Natasha Cortis, University of New South Wales
  1664. Dr Natasha Dwyer, Victoria University
  1665. Dr Natasha Fijn, Australian National University
  1666. Associate Professor Natasha Nassar, University of Sydney
  1667. Nathan Fioritti, University of Melbourne
  1668. Professor Neil Drew, Edith Cowan University
  1669. Professor Neil Levy, Macquarie University
  1670. Professor Neil Ormerod, Australian Catholic University
  1671. Dr Nematullah Bizhan, Australian National University
  1672. Dr Neralie Wise, Macquarie University
  1673. Associate Professor Nesrin Varol, University of Sydney
  1674. Dr Niamh Stephenson, University of New South Wales
  1675. Dr Nicholas Apoifis, University of New South Wales
  1676. Dr Nicholas Faulkner, Monash University
  1677. Nicholas Hill, Monash University
  1678. Nicholas Hoare, Australian National University
  1679. Nicholas Malpas, University of Sydney
  1680. Associate Professor Nicholas McGuigan, Monash University
  1681. Associate Professor Nicholas Reid, University of New England
  1682. Nicholas Sargent, University of Technology Sydney
  1683. Dr Nicholas Smith, La Trobe University
  1684. Dr Nichole Georgeou, Western Sydney University
  1685. Dr Nick Cheesman, Australian National University
  1686. Dr Nick Pendergrast, University of Melbourne
  1687. Dr Nick Riemer, University of Sydney
  1688. Dr Nick Thieberger, University of Melbourne
  1689. Professor Nicky Solomon, University of Technology Sydney
  1690. Nicola Cousen, Federation University
  1691. Dr Nicola Evans, University of Wollongong
  1692. Dr Nicola Henningham, University of Melbourne
  1693. Dr Nicola Parsons, University of Sydney
  1694. Professor Nicola Piper, University of Sydney
  1695. Dr Nicola Pitt, University of South Australia
  1696. Dr Nicole Mockler, University of Sydney
  1697. Professor Nicole Moore, University of New South Wales
  1698. Dr Nicole Oke, Victoria University
  1699. Associate Professor Nigel Mackay, University of Wollongong
  1700. Associate Professor Nik Taylor, Flinders University
  1701. Nikki Lawrence, University of Newcastle
  1702. Associate Professor Nikki Rickard, Monash University
  1703. Dr Nikki Savvides, University of Sydney
  1704. Dr Nikki Wedgwood, University of Sydney
  1705. Professor Nikolas Kompridis, Australian Catholic University
  1706. Dr Nikos Thomacos, Monash University
  1707. Associate Professor Nina Burridge, University of Technology Sydney
  1708. Dr Nina Hall, University of Queensland
  1709. Niro Kandasamy, University of Melbourne
  1710. Dr Nisha Thapliyal, University of Newcastle
  1711. Associate Professor Noah Riseman, Australian Catholic University
  1712. Dr Noel William Preston AM, Griffith University
  1713. Associate Professor Nonie Harris, James Cook University
  1714. Nonie May, University of Melbourne
  1715. Norah Hosken, Deakin University
  1716. Dr Nour Dados, University of Technology Sydney
  1717. Dr Odette Kelada, University of Melbourne
  1718. Oishik Sircar, University of Melbourne
  1719. Oliver Laing, University of Western Australia
  1720. Dr Olivia Dun, University of Melbourne
  1721. Olivia Kinnear, Deakin University
  1722. Dr Olivia Rundle, University of Tasmania
  1723. Olivia Tasevski, University of Melbourne
  1724. Olivier Rey Lescure, University of Newcastle
  1725. Ophelia Rubinich, Australian National University
  1726. Dr Orli Schwartz, University of Melbourne
  1727. Paloma Cesare, Central Queensland University
  1728. Professor Pamela Gibbons, Southern Cross University
  1729. Dr Paola Bilbrough, Victoria University
  1730. Paradee Thoresen, Curtin University
  1731. Pascale Chifflet, La Trobe University
  1732. Professor Pat Drake, Victoria University
  1733. Pat Norman, University of Sydney
  1734. Dr Patricia Dutton, La Trobe University
  1735. Professor Patricia Easteal Am, University of Canberra
  1736. Dr Patricia Fronek, Griffith University
  1737. Professor Emeritus Patricia Grimshaw, University of Melbourne
  1738. Patricia Hayes, Victoria University
  1739. Professor Emeritus Patricia Noller, University of Queensland
  1740. Associate Professor Patricia Rawlinson, Western Sydney University
  1741. Patricia Schwerdtle, Monash University
  1742. Dr Patrick Brownlee, University of Sydney
  1743. Associate Professor Patrick Charles, University of Melbourne
  1744. Dr Patrick John Harris, University of Sydney
  1745. Dr Patrick Stokes, Deakin University
  1746. Paul Ashton, Victoria University
  1747. Dr Paul Byron, University of New South Wales
  1748. Associate Professor Paul Duckett, Victoria University
  1749. Paul Goldacre, Swinburne University of Technology
  1750. Dr Paul Harnett, University of Queensland
  1751. Associate Professor Paul Henman, University of Queensland
  1752. Dr Paul Hodge, University of Newcastle
  1753. Professor Paul Maharg, Australian National University
  1754. Associate Professor Paul McKechnie, Macquarie University
  1755. Paul McSherry, Victoria University
  1756. Paul Oldham, University of South Australia
  1757. Professor Emeritus Paul Redding, University of Sydney
  1758. Professor Emeritus Paul Salzman, La Trobe University
  1759. Associate Professor Paul Sendziuk, University of Adelaide
  1760. Associate Professor Paul Sharrad, University of Wollongong
  1761. Professor Paul Stephen Lavery, Edith Cowan University
  1762. Professor Paula Gerber, Monash University
  1763. Paula Gleeson, Australian Catholic University
  1764. Professor Paula Hamilton, University of Technology Sydney
  1765. Paula Hanasz, Australian National University
  1766. Paula Hobley, Deakin University
  1767. Dr Paula Johnson, University of Western Australia
  1768. Paula Lucia Muraca, Deakin University
  1769. Dr Paula Michaels, Monash University
  1770. Dr Paula Michelle Geldens, Swinburne University of Technology
  1771. Dr Paula Wright, Monash University
  1772. Professor Pauline McGuirk, University of Wollongong
  1773. Dr Pauline O’Maley, Victoria University
  1774. Professor Pavla Miller, RMIT University
  1775. Dr Pedro Fidelman, University of the Sunshine Coast
  1776. Associate Professor Penelope Bryant, University of Melbourne
  1777. Dr Penelope Rossiter, Western Sydney University
  1778. Dr Peta Bowden, Murdoch University
  1779. Dr Peta Cook, University of Tasmania
  1780. Peta Longhurst, University of Sydney
  1781. Dr Peta Malins, RMIT University
  1782. Peta Oates, Victoria University
  1783. Dr Peter Anderson, Monash University
  1784. Professor Peter Beilharz, Curtin University
  1785. Peter Browne, Swinburne University of Technology
  1786. Associate Professor Peter Christoff, University of Melbourne
  1787. Dr Peter Davis, Charles Sturt University
  1788. Dr Peter Ferguson, Deakin University
  1789. Dr Peter Higgs, La Trobe University
  1790. Dr Peter John Chen, University of Sydney
  1791. Peter Jones, James Cook University
  1792. Associate Professor Peter Keegan, Macquarie University
  1793. Dr Peter Koval, Australian Catholic University
  1794. Dr Peter Lawrence, University of Tasmania
  1795. Peter Mares, Swinburne University of Technology
  1796. Dr Peter Rogers, Macquarie University
  1797. Dr Peter Ross, University of New South Wales
  1798. Professor Peter S Morris, Charles Darwin University
  1799. Dr Peter Sainsbury, University of Sydney
  1800. Dr Peter Thomas, Victoria University
  1801. Peter Walker, University of South Australia
  1802. Peter Wall, Murdoch University
  1803. Professor Peter Whiteford, Australian National University
  1804. Dr Peter Wilkins, Curtin University
  1805. Peter Young, Griffith University
  1806. Dr Petra Bueskens, University of Melbourne
  1807. Professor Phil Andrews, Monash University
  1808. Associate Professor Phil Connors, Deakin University
  1809. Phil Kemp, University of Melbourne
  1810. Professor Emeritus Philip Bell, University of New South Wales
  1811. Professor Philip Bohle, University of Sydney
  1812. Professor Philip Dwyer, University of Newcastle
  1813. Associate Professor Philip Heywood, Queensland University of Technology
  1814. Dr Phillip Ablett, University of the Sunshine Coast
  1815. Professor Phillip Deery, Victoria University
  1816. Associate Professor Phillip G Payne, Monash University
  1817. Phillipa Bellemore, Macquarie University
  1818. Professor Philomena Murray, University of Melbourne
  1819. Dr Piper Rodd, Deakin University
  1820. Dr Pooja Sawrikar, Griffith University
  1821. Dr Pradeep Taneja, University of Melbourne
  1822. Honorary Professor Pramod (Raja) Junankar, University of New South Wales
  1823. Prasheela Karan, University of New South Wales
  1824. Dr Prudence Flowers, Flinders University
  1825. Dr Prue Atkins, La Trobe University
  1826. Dr Pyone Myat Thu, University of Western Australia
  1827. Dr Quinn Eades, La Trobe University
  1828. Associate Professor R Newton, University of Melbourne
  1829. Professor Emeritus R. Kim Oates, University of Sydney
  1830. Dr R.G. (Jerry) Schwab, Australian National University
  1831. Dr Rachael, University of Melbourne
  1832. Conjoint Associate Professor Rachel Ann Heath, University of Newcastle
  1833. Dr Rachel Buchanan, University of Newcastle
  1834. Dr Rachel Busbridge, La Trobe University
  1835. Dr Rachel Hughes, University of Melbourne
  1836. Rachel Loney-Howes, La Trobe University
  1837. Dr Rachel Morley, Western Sydney University
  1838. Associate Professor Rachel Nordlinger, University of Melbourne
  1839. Rachel Tropea, University of Melbourne
  1840. Professor Rachel Webster, University of Melbourne
  1841. Rachel Young, University of Technology Sydney
  1842. Dr Rachel Yuen-Collingridge, Macquarie University
  1843. Professor Emeritus Raewyn Connell, University of Sydney
  1844. Dr Ralph Hampson, University of Melbourne
  1845. Ram Prasad Ghimire, Australian National University
  1846. Professor Ramaswami Harindranath, University of New South Wales
  1847. Dr Ramon Lobato, Swinburne University of Technology
  1848. Ramsey Awad, University of Newcastle
  1849. Dr Raul Sanchez Urribarri, La Trobe University
  1850. Raven Cretney, RMIT University
  1851. Dr Ravinder Sidhu, University of Queensland
  1852. Dr Ray Moynihan, Bond University
  1853. Dr Raymond Cleary, University of Divinity
  1854. Professor Emeritus Raymond J. Rose, University of Newcastle
  1855. Professor Raymond Markey, Macquarie University
  1856. Dr Rayner Thwaites, University of Sydney
  1857. Rebacca Tock, Macquarie University
  1858. Dr Rebecca Barlow, Deakin University
  1859. Dr Rebecca Burgell, Monash University
  1860. Dr Rebecca Defina, University of Melbourne
  1861. Dr Rebecca Duell, Griffith University
  1862. Professor Rebecca Ivers, University of Sydney
  1863. Dr Rebecca Jane Edwards, University of Sydney
  1864. Dr Rebecca Pearse, University of Technology Sydney
  1865. Dr Rebecca Pinkus, University of Sydney
  1866. Dr Rebecca Shaw, University of Queensland
  1867. Dr Rebecca Sheehan, University of Sydney
  1868. Dr Rebecca Suter, University of Sydney
  1869. Associate Professor Renate Griffith, University of New South Wales
  1870. Dr Renee Claire Firman, University of Western Australia
  1871. Rhianne Grieve, Australian National University
  1872. Dr Rhodes Hart, University of Southern Queensland
  1873. Professor Rhonda Small, La Trobe University
  1874. Rhys Herden, University of Sydney
  1875. Dr Richard Baldwin, University of Technology Sydney
  1876. Associate Professor Richard Fletcher, University of Newcastle
  1877. Richard H. Hammond, Federation University
  1878. Professor Emeritus Richard Heller, University of Newcastle
  1879. Associate Professor Richard Hil, Griffith University
  1880. Professor Richard Howitt, Macquarie University
  1881. Dr Richard Joyce, Monash University
  1882. Richard McLean, Victoria University
  1883. Professor Richard Parncutt, University of Melbourne
  1884. Dr Richard Shapcott, University of Queensland
  1885. Dr Richard Vokes, University of Adelaide
  1886. Associate Professor Richard Walker, University of Sydney
  1887. Honorary Associate Professor Rick Kuhn, Australian National University
  1888. Associate Professor Rick Snell, University of Tasmania
  1889. Dr Rita Armstrong, University of Western Australia
  1890. Dr Rob Conkie, La Trobe University
  1891. Dr Rob Garbutt, Southern Cross University
  1892. Dr Rob Ranzijn, University of South Australia
  1893. Dr Rob Townsend, Federation University
  1894. Dr Robbie Peters, University of Sydney
  1895. Dr Robert Bell, Victoria University
  1896. Dr Robert Boncardo, University of Sydney
  1897. Robert Carey, Swinburne University of Technology
  1898. Robert Colla, Monash University
  1899. Dr Robert Fisher, University of Sydney
  1900. Dr Robert Hogg, University of Queensland
  1901. Dr Robert Imre, University of Newcastle
  1902. Associate Professor Robert John Morsillo, Swinburne University of Technology
  1903. Dr Robert King, University of Newcastle
  1904. Dr Robert Mason, Griffith University
  1905. Dr Robert Mathew, University of Melbourne
  1906. Dr Robert Read, University of Sydney
  1907. Professor Robert Schweitzer, Queensland University of Technology
  1908. Dr Robert Simpson, Monash University
  1909. Dr Robert Sinnerbrink, Macquarie University
  1910. Professor Robert Sparrow, Monash University
  1911. Associate Professor Roberta Bencini, University of Western Australia
  1912. Dr Robin Cameron, RMIT University
  1913. Dr Robin Derricourt, University of New South Wales
  1914. Dr Robin Fitzgerald, University of Queensland
  1915. Professor Robin Goodman, RMIT University
  1916. Associate Professor Robyn Alders, University of Sydney
  1917. Dr Robyn Hannah, University of New South Wales
  1918. Robyn Pettit, University of Technology Sydney
  1919. Dr Robyn Whitaker, University of Divinity
  1920. Professor Rod O’Donnell, University of Technology Sydney
  1921. Dr Roger Averill, Victoria University
  1922. Professor Emeritus Roger Gabb, Victoria University
  1923. Professor Roger Markwick, University of Newcastle
  1924. Roger Nelson, University of Melbourne
  1925. Dr Rohan Borschmann, University of Melbourne
  1926. Roman Goik, Western Sydney University
  1927. Dr Romana Morda, Victoria University
  1928. Professor Romand Coles, Australian Catholic University
  1929. Associate Professor Romina Palermo, University of Western Australia
  1930. Dr Romy Winter, University of Tasmania
  1931. Ron Nicholls, University of South Australia
  1932. Dr Rona Barugahare, University of Sydney
  1933. Rosalie Atie, Western Sydney University
  1934. Rosalie Goldsmith, University of Technology Sydney
  1935. Rosalie Janet Bunn, University of Newcastle
  1936. Professor Rosalie Viney, University of Technology Sydney
  1937. Dr Rosalind McFarlane, Monash University
  1938. Dr Rose Chesworth, Western Sydney University
  1939. Rose Ferguson, Australian Catholic University
  1940. Dr Rosemary Hancock, University of Notre Dame
  1941. Dr Rosemary Stanton OAM, University of New South Wales
  1942. Dr Ross Forman, University of Technology Sydney
  1943. Dr Rosslyn Prosser, University of Adelaide
  1944. Dr Roumen Dimitrov, University of New South Wales
  1945. Dr Rowan Cahill, University of Wollongong
  1946. Dr Rowena Butland, Independent Scholar
  1947. Professor Roy Green, University of Technology Sydney
  1948. Professor Emeritus Roy Jones, Curtin University
  1949. Dr Russell Fewster, University of South Australia
  1950. Russell Hancock, University of Newcastle
  1951. Professor Emeritus Russell Lansbury, University of Sydney
  1952. Dr Ruth Balint, University of New South Wales
  1953. Dr Ruth Barraclough, Australian National University
  1954. Associate Professor Ruth Colagiuri, University of Sydney
  1955. Dr Ruth De Souza, Independent Scholar
  1956. Dr Ruth Jeanes, Monash University
  1957. Dr Ruth McCausland, University of New South Wales
  1958. Dr Ruth Potts, Southern Cross University
  1959. Dr Ruth Thurstan, Deakin University
  1960. Ruth Townsend, Charles Sturt University
  1961. Dr Ruth Williams, University of Melbourne
  1962. Dr Ryan Perry, University of Melbourne
  1963. Dr Ryl Harrison, James Cook University
  1964. Dr Sabine Krajewski, Macquarie University
  1965. Sabrina Gupta, La Trobe University
  1966. Dr Sacha Davis, University of Newcastle
  1967. Dr Sacha Kendall, University of Technology Sydney
  1968. Dr Safdar Ahmed, Independent Scholar
  1969. Dr Saige Walton, University of South Australia
  1970. Associate Professor Saliha Belmessous, University of New South Wales
  1971. Dr Sally Babidge, University of Queensland
  1972. Dr Sally Baker, University of Newcastle
  1973. Dr Sally Clark, Swinburne University of Technology
  1974. Dr Sally Dunlop, University of Sydney
  1975. Sally Fitzpatrick, Western Sydney University
  1976. Dr Sally Treloyn, University of Melbourne
  1977. Professor Sally Varnham, University of Technology Sydney
  1978. Sally Watson, James Cook University
  1979. Sam Christobel, Independent Scholar
  1980. Dr Samantha Balaton-Chrimes, Deakin University
  1981. Dr Samantha Colquhoun, University of Melbourne
  1982. Dr Samantha Edwards-Vandenhoek, Swinburne University of Technology
  1983. Dr Samantha McMahon, University of Wollongong
  1984. Dr Samantha Owen, Curtin University
  1985. Dr Samanthi Gunawardana, Monash University
  1986. Dr Samid Suliman, Griffith University
  1987. Dr Samuel Douglas, University of Newcastle
  1988. Dr Samuel Shpall, University of Sydney
  1989. Dr Sana Nakata, University of Melbourne
  1990. Associate Professor Sandie Suchet-Pearson, Macquarie University
  1991. Professor Sandra Gifford, Swinburne University of Technology
  1992. Dr Sandra Nasr, University of Notre Dame
  1993. Sandra Uray-Kennett, University of South Australia
  1994. Associate Professor Sandra West, University of Sydney
  1995. Dr Sandy Darab, Southern Cross University
  1996. Dr Sangeetha Pillai, Monash University
  1997. Professor Santina Bertone, Swinburne University of Technology
  1998. Dr Sara C Motta, University of Newcastle
  1999. Dr Sara Ciesielski, University of Melbourne
  2000. Associate Professor Sara Davies, Griffith University
  2001. Sara Dehm, University of Melbourne
  2002. Dr Sara Niner, Monash University
  2003. Associate Professor Sara Wills, University of Melbourne
  2004. Sarah, Macquarie University
  2005. Dr Sarah Attfield, University of Technology Sydney
  2006. Dr Sarah Casey, Griffith University
  2007. Dr Sarah Coffee, University of Newcastle
  2008. Dr Sarah E Holcombe, Australian National University
  2009. Dr Sarah Epstein, Deakin University
  2010. Dr Sarah Gleeson-White, University of Sydney
  2011. Sarah Green, University of Melbourne
  2012. Dr Sarah Gregson, University of New South Wales
  2013. Sarah Hearne, University of Technology Sydney
  2014. Professor Sarah Joseph, Monash University
  2015. Dr Sarah Kate Hattam, University of South Australia
  2016. Dr Sarah Maclean, La Trobe University
  2017. Associate Professor Sarah Maddison, University of Melbourne
  2018. Dr Sarah Mares, University of New South Wales
  2019. Dr Sarah Nicholson, Western Sydney University
  2020. Dr Sarah Norris, University of Sydney
  2021. Sarah Oxford, Victoria University
  2022. Dr Sarah Phillips, University of Sydney
  2023. Dr Sarah Pinto, Deakin University
  2024. Dr Sarah Richards, University of Melbourne
  2025. Dr Sarah Rogers, University of Melbourne
  2026. Dr Sarah Tartakover, Victoria University
  2027. Dr Sarah Webb, University of Queensland
  2028. Dr Sarah White, University of Sydney
  2029. Associate Professor Sarah Wright, University of Newcastle
  2030. Sarita Galvez, Monash University
  2031. Associate Professor Savitri Taylor, La Trobe University
  2032. Dr Scott Fitzpatrick, University of Newcastle
  2033. Associate Professor Seamus Fagan, University of Newcastle
  2034. Dr Sean Bowden, Deakin University
  2035. Sean Coyle, University of Tasmania
  2036. Dr Sean Kerins, Australian National University
  2037. Dr Sean McNelis, Swinburne University of Technology
  2038. Dr Sean Pryor, University of New South Wales
  2039. Dr Sean Richmond, University of Western Australia
  2040. Associate Professor Sebastian Sardina, RMIT University
  2041. Dr Sebastian Thomas, University of Melbourne
  2042. Dr Seham Shwayli, Monash University
  2043. Dr Selen Ercan, University of Canberra
  2044. Selina Springett, Macquarie University
  2045. Dr Selma Macfarlane, Deakin University
  2046. Senthorun Raj, University of Sydney
  2047. Associate Professor Shady Cosgrove, University of Wollongong
  2048. Associate Professor Shahar Hameiri, University of Queensland
  2049. Dr Shakira Hussein, University of Melbourne
  2050. Associate Professor Shane Homan, Monash University
  2051. Shannen Vallesi, University of Western Australia
  2052. Dr Shannon Brincat, Griffith University
  2053. Dr Shanthi Robertson, Western Sydney University
  2054. Dr Shaphan Cox, Curtin University
  2055. Dr Sharlene Leroy-Dyer, University of Newcastle
  2056. Dr Sharlene Nipperess, RMIT University
  2057. Dr Sharon Andrews, RMIT University
  2058. Dr Sharon Bickle, University of Southern Queensland
  2059. Dr Sharon Cooper, University of Newcastle
  2060. Dr Sharon Dane, University of Queensland
  2061. Professor Sharon Pickering, Monash University
  2062. Sharon Rundle, University of Technology Sydney
  2063. Sharyn Jenkins, Charles Sturt University
  2064. Dr Shawna Tang, Western Sydney University
  2065. Dr Sheahan Bestel, Independent Scholar
  2066. Dr Shelley Bielefeld, Australian National University
  2067. Associate Professor Shelley Kinash, Bond University
  2068. Shelley Turner, Victoria University
  2069. Dr Shepard Masocha, University of South Australia
  2070. Sheree Millen, Curtin University
  2071. Sheryl He, Monash University
  2072. Shima Shahbazi, University of Sydney
  2073. Shirley Diane Clifton, University of Newcastle
  2074. Professor Shirley Kaye Randell AO, University of Canberra
  2075. Professor Shirley Morrissey, Griffith University
  2076. Dr Shivaun Weybury, University of New South Wales
  2077. Dr Shoshana Dreyfus, University of Sydney
  2078. Dr Shuhwa Wu, University of Queensland
  2079. Dr Sian Anderson, La Trobe University
  2080. Dr Sian Prior, RMIT University
  2081. Dr Sian Supski, Monash University
  2082. Dr Siew Fang Law, Victoria University
  2083. Dr Sigi Jottkandt, University of New South Wales
  2084. Dr Signe Ravn, University of Melbourne
  2085. Dr Sigrid McCausland, Charles Sturt University
  2086. Associate Professor Simon Batterbury, University of Melbourne
  2087. Professor Simon Dennis, University of Newcastle
  2088. Dr Simon Foale, James Cook University
  2089. Dr Simon Lumsden, University of New South Wales
  2090. Dr Simone Blomberg, University of Queensland
  2091. Dr Simone Favelle, University of Wollongong
  2092. Simone Georg, Australian National University
  2093. Dr Simone Lazaroo, Murdoch University
  2094. Simone Nance, University of Newcastle
  2095. Dr Simone O’Callaghan, University of Newcastle
  2096. Dr Simone Smala, University of Queensland
  2097. Sina Khatami, University of Melbourne
  2098. Dr Siobhan McHugh, University of Wollongong
  2099. Dr Sittimont Kanjanabootra, University of Newcastle
  2100. Dr Sky Croeser, Curtin University
  2101. Dr Skye McLennan, Australian Catholic University
  2102. Dr Sol Rojas-Lizana, University of Queensland
  2103. Dr Sonia Graham, University of New South Wales
  2104. Sonia Rossetti, University of Queensland
  2105. Dr Sonja van Wichelen, University of Sydney
  2106. Sophia Brock, University of Sydney
  2107. Dr Sophia Close, Australian National University
  2108. Dr Sophie Lewis, Australian National University
  2109. Sophie Meredith, University of Technology Sydney
  2110. Dr Sophie Rigney, University of Melbourne
  2111. Dr Sophie Rudolph, University of Melbourne
  2112. Sophie Yates, University of New South Wales
  2113. Honorary Academic Sora Marin Estrella, Edith Cowan University
  2114. Souheir Edelbi, University of New South Wales
  2115. Dr Srinjoy Bose, Australian National University
  2116. Associate Professor Stacy Carter, University of Sydney
  2117. Adjunct Professor Stanley Yeo, Southern Cross University
  2118. Dr Stefan Horarik, University of New England
  2119. Dr Stefan Schnell, University of Melbourne
  2120. Associate Professor Stephanie Hanrahan, University of Queensland
  2121. Professor Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, University of New South Wales
  2122. Stephanie Kizimchuk, Australian National University
  2123. Dr Stephanie Lavau, University of Melbourne
  2124. Professor Stephanie Lawson, Macquarie University
  2125. Dr Stephanie Russo, Macquarie University
  2126. Professor Stephen Castles, University of Sydney
  2127. Stephen Corporal, Griffith University
  2128. Dr Stephen Darwin, University of Canberra
  2129. Dr Stephen Garrett, Southern Cross University
  2130. Stephen Hill, Griffith University
  2131. Professor Stephen Hyde, Australian National University
  2132. Professor Emeritus Stephen Leeder, University of Sydney
  2133. Dr Stephen McCormick, University of New England
  2134. Dr Steven Cooke, Deakin University
  2135. Associate Professor Steven Faux, University of New South Wales
  2136. Steven Skitmore, Australian National University
  2137. Dr Steven Slaughter, Deakin University
  2138. Dr Stewart King, Monash University
  2139. Dr Stian H Thoresen, Curtin University
  2140. Professor Emeritus Stuart B Hill, Western Sydney University
  2141. Dr Stuart Leske, Queensland University of Technology
  2142. Professor Emeritus Stuart Rees, University of Sydney
  2143. Dr Stuart Richards, University of Melbourne
  2144. Associate Professor Stuart Rosewarne, University of Sydney
  2145. Sudrishti Reich, Australian National University
  2146. Dr Sue Ashford, Independent Scholar
  2147. Dr Sue Evans, University of Tasmania
  2148. Sue Green, Swinburne University of Technology
  2149. Professor Emeritus Sue Kenny, Deakin University
  2150. Sue Oliver, Victoria University
  2151. Associate Professor Sue Saltmarsh, Australian Catholic University
  2152. Dr Sue Summers, Curtin University
  2153. Dr Sue Taffe, Monash University
  2154. Associate Professor Sue Woolfenden, University of New South Wales
  2155. Dr Sukhmani Khorana, University of Wollongong
  2156. Assistant Professor Sung-Young Kim, University of Canberra
  2157. Professor Supriya Singh, RMIT University
  2158. Professor Susan Balandin, Deakin University
  2159. Dr Susan Banki, University of Sydney
  2160. Professor Susan Best, Griffith University
  2161. Dr Susan Carland, Monash University
  2162. Dr Susan Clarke, University of Sydney
  2163. Dr Susan Collings, University of New South Wales
  2164. Dr Susan Creagh, University of Queensland
  2165. Dr Susan Duchesne, University of Wollongong
  2166. Dr Susan Engel, University of Wollongong
  2167. Dr Susan Feez, University of New England
  2168. Adjunct Associate Professor Susan Feldman, Monash University
  2169. Associate Professor Susan Gair, James Cook University
  2170. Susan Grimes, University of Newcastle
  2171. Associate Professor Susan Harris Rimmer, Griffith University
  2172. Dr Susan K Schroeder, University of Sydney
  2173. Professor Emeritus Susan Kippax, University of New South Wales
  2174. Professor Susan Kneebone, University of Melbourne
  2175. Professor Emeritus Susan Magarey, University of Adelaide
  2176. Professor Emeritus Susan Margaret Magarey, University of Adelaide
  2177. Dr Susan Mary Woolcock Withycombe, Charles Sturt University
  2178. Professor Susan McKemmish, Monash University
  2179. Susan Oldham, Swinburne University of Technology
  2180. Dr Susan O’Leary, Monash University
  2181. Dr Susan Peters, University of Western Australia
  2182. Dr Susan Potter, University of Sydney
  2183. Dr Susan Priest, University of Canberra
  2184. Professor Emeritus Susan Sheridan, Flinders University
  2185. Dr Susan Stewart, University of Technology Sydney
  2186. Dr Susan Watt, University of New England
  2187. Associate Professor Susana Gavidia-Payne, RMIT University
  2188. Associate Professor Susanna Scarparo, Monash University
  2189. Associate Professor Susanne Gannon, Western Sydney University
  2190. Dr Susanne Schmeidl, University of New South Wales
  2191. Susie Latham, Curtin University
  2192. Distinguished Professor Suvendrini Perera, Curtin University
  2193. Professor Emeritus Suzanne Franzway, University of South Australia
  2194. Professor Suzanne Fraser, Curtin University
  2195. Dr Suzanne Jenkins, University of Notre Dame
  2196. Dr Suzanne Morony, University of Sydney
  2197. Suzanne O’Neill, Australian National University
  2198. Suzanne Poliness, Victoria University
  2199. Associate Professor Suzanne Ryan, University of Newcastle
  2200. Suzanne Williams, Queensland University of Technology
  2201. Dr Suzi Adams, Flinders University
  2202. Dr Sverre Molland, Australian National University
  2203. Dr Swati Parashar, Monash University
  2204. Dr Sylvia Martin, University of Tasmania
  2205. Sylvia Ramsay, Griffith University
  2206. Sylvia Rapley, Charles Sturt University
  2207. Dr Szun Szun Tay, University of New South Wales
  2208. Ta Lun Huang, University of Sydney
  2209. Dr Tahnee Kennedy, University of Melbourne
  2210. Dr Tam Leaver, Curtin University
  2211. Tamara Agnew, University of South Australia
  2212. Tamara Tubakovic, University of Melbourne
  2213. Associate Professor Tamara Walsh, University of Queensland
  2214. Tamlyn Avery, University of New South Wales
  2215. Dr Tamsin Angus-Leppan, University of Technology Sydney
  2216. Dr Tamzyn Davey, University of Queensland
  2217. Taña Cooklin Cevallos, University of Melbourne
  2218. Dr Tania Miletic, University of Melbourne
  2219. Dr Tania Penovic, Monash University
  2220. Professor Tania Voon, University of Melbourne
  2221. Tania Webster, Monash University
  2222. Dr Tanja Dreher, University of Wollongong
  2223. Tanya Davies, Monash University
  2224. Dr Tanya Jakimow, University of New South Wales
  2225. Tanya Peterson, University of New South Wales
  2226. Dr Tanya Wittwer, Flinders University
  2227. Dr Tanya Zivkovic, University of Adelaide
  2228. Dr Tara Colley, Australian National University
  2229. Tara Kanel, University of Melbourne
  2230. Taylor Bjarnoe, University of New South Wales
  2231. Teagan Westendorf, Monash University
  2232. Professor Emeritus Terence H Hull, Australian National University
  2233. Associate Professor Terence Rout, Griffith University
  2234. Dr Teresa Burgess, University of Adelaide
  2235. Teresa Capetola, Deakin University
  2236. Teresa Hall, University of Melbourne
  2237. Professor Teresa Iacono, La Trobe University
  2238. Teresa Scott, Griffith University
  2239. Dr Tereza Hendl, University of Sydney
  2240. Associate Professor Terri Libesman, University of Technology Sydney
  2241. Professor Terri Seddon, Australian Catholic University
  2242. Professor Terri-ann White, University of Western Australia
  2243. Dr Terry Irving, University of Wollongong
  2244. Dr Terry Woronov, University of Sydney
  2245. Dr Tess Williams, University of Western Australia
  2246. Dr Tessa Morrison, University of Newcastle
  2247. Thao Phan, University of Melbourne
  2248. Dr Thava Palanisami, University of Newcastle
  2249. Associate Professor Thea Blackler, Queensland University of Technology
  2250. Thea Hewitt, University of Melbourne
  2251. Dr Theresa Petray, James Cook University
  2252. Dr Theresa Scott, University of Queensland
  2253. Dr Thomas Britz, University of New South Wales
  2254. Thomas Kern, Macquarie University
  2255. Dr Thomas Klikauer, Western Sydney University
  2256. Associate Professor Thomas Reiner, Monash University
  2257. Professor Thomas Reuter, University of Melbourne
  2258. Dr Thomas Rogers, University of Melbourne
  2259. Thomas Ryan, Monash University
  2260. Dr Thorsten Lammers, University of Technology Sydney
  2261. Dr Thushara Dibley, University of Sydney
  2262. Dr Tiina Manne, University of Queensland
  2263. Dr Tim Anderson, University of Sydney
  2264. Dr Tim Cohen, University of Wollongong
  2265. Dr Tim Legrand, Australian National University
  2266. Dr Tim Marsh, New York University (Sydney campus)
  2267. Associate Professor Tim Sherratt, University of Canberra
  2268. Dr Timothy Ballard, University of Queensland
  2269. Timothy Graham, Australian National University
  2270. Dr Timothy Moore, Australian Catholic University
  2271. Dr Timothy Neale, Deakin University
  2272. Dr Timothy O’Rourke, University of Queensland
  2273. Tina lavin, University of Western Australia
  2274. Tina Posunkina, Australian Catholic University
  2275. Dr Toby Lea, University of New South Wales
  2276. Dr Tom Chodor, University of Queensland
  2277. Associate Professor Tom Clark, Victoria University
  2278. Dr Tom Conley, Griffith University
  2279. Tomas Fitzgerald, University of Notre Dame
  2280. Tomi Winfree, Swinburne University of Technology
  2281. Associate Professor Tony Brown, University of Canberra
  2282. Dr Tony Hughes-d’Aeth, University of Western Australia
  2283. Associate Professor Tracey Booth, University of Technology Sydney
  2284. Associate Professor Tracey Bretag, University of South Australia
  2285. Dr Tracey Ollis, Deakin University
  2286. Travis Holland, Charles Sturt University
  2287. Professor Emeritus Trevor Reginal Parmenter, University of Sydney
  2288. Trish Amee, Flinders University
  2289. Dr Trish Luker, University of Technology Sydney
  2290. Troy Lee-Brown, University of Western Australia
  2291. Trudi Aitken, Victoria University
  2292. Dr Trudy Krajenbrink, Macquarie University
  2293. Dr Tseen Khoo, La Trobe University
  2294. Dr Tyrell Haberkorn, Australian National University
  2295. Ulrike Prattes, Australian Catholic University
  2296. Dr Ulrike Schmidt, Bond University
  2297. Umut Ozguc, University of New South Wales
  2298. Professor Una Ryan, Murdoch University
  2299. Una Stone, RMIT University
  2300. Dr Uschi Bay, Monash University
  2301. Dr Ute Eickelkamp, University of Sydney
  2302. Dr Vahri McKenzie, Edith Cowan University
  2303. Professor Val Klenowski, Queensland University of Technology
  2304. Dr Valentina Baú, University of New South Wales
  2305. Valerie Anne Kay, Monash University
  2306. Dr Valerie Djenidi, University of Newcastle
  2307. Dr Valerie Jean Russell, University of Melbourne
  2308. Valerie Kirk, Australian National University
  2309. Dr Valerie Liddle, University of Adelaide
  2310. Vanessa Glenn, University of Queensland
  2311. Dr Vannessa Hearman, Charles Darwin University
  2312. Professor Emeritus Verity Burgmann, Monash University
  2313. Veronica Fynn, Australian National University
  2314. Dr Veronica Tello, University of New South Wales
  2315. Vibhore Singh, Australian National University
  2316. Professor Vicki Kirby, University of New South Wales
  2317. Dr Vicki Xafis, University of Sydney
  2318. Dr Vicky Plows, Victoria University
  2319. Vicky Saunders, Australian Catholic University
  2320. Dr Victor Eduardo Sojo Monzon, University of Melbourne
  2321. Dr Victoria Grieves, University of Sydney
  2322. Professor Victoria Haskins, University of Newcastle
  2323. Professor Victoria Katherine Burbank, University of Western Australia
  2324. Dr Victoria Loblay, Macquarie University
  2325. Dr Victoria Mason, Murdoch University
  2326. Dr Victoria Rawlings, University of Sydney
  2327. Dr Vid Vončina Vodeb, Victoria University
  2328. Viktoria Vibhakar, University of Queensland
  2329. Dr Vince Marotta, Deakin University
  2330. Dr Vince Polito, Macquarie University
  2331. Virginia Mansel Lees, La Trobe University
  2332. Dr Vivian Bayl, University of New South Wales
  2333. Dr Vivian Gerrand, University of Melbourne
  2334. Dr Vivienne Waller, Swinburne University of Technology
  2335. Dr Walter Forrest, University of Queensland
  2336. Warren Read, Murdoch University
  2337. Associate Professor Warren Ward, University of Queensland
  2338. Dr Warwick Hosking, Victoria University
  2339. Associate Professor Wendy Holland, University of Technology Sydney
  2340. Dr Wendy Lambourne, University of Sydney
  2341. Professor Wendy Rogers, Macquarie University
  2342. Wendy Spurrier, Charles Sturt University
  2343. Dr Whitney Monaghan, Monash University
  2344. Dr Willa McDonald, Macquarie University
  2345. William Cameron, University of Melbourne
  2346. William Feuerman, University of Technology Sydney
  2347. Associate Professor William George Warren, University of Newcastle
  2348. Dr William John Chivers, University of Newcastle
  2349. Dr William Pascoe, University of Newcastle
  2350. Dr Wilson Joseph Cooper, Macquarie University
  2351. Associate Professor Winnifred Louis, University of Queensland
  2352. Dr Winsome Roberts, University of Melbourne
  2353. Winton Higgins, University of Technology Sydney
  2354. Wyatt Moss-Wellington, University of Sydney
  2355. Dr Xochitl de la Piedad Garcia, Australian Catholic University
  2356. Yacinta Kurniasih, Monash University
  2357. Yannick Thoraval, RMIT University
  2358. Dr Yarrow Andrew, Flinders University
  2359. Dr Yasmine Musharbash, University of Sydney
  2360. Adjunct Professor Yoland Wadsworth, RMIT University
  2361. Dr Yoni Prior, Deakin University
  2362. Dr Yorick Smaal, Griffith University
  2363. Yves Saint James Aquino, Macquarie University
  2364. Dr Yvette Watt, University of Tasmania
  2365. Associate Professor Yvonne Corcoran-Nantes, Flinders University
  2366. Dr Yvonne Hartman, Southern Cross University
  2367. Yvonne Rowa Woods, University of Adelaide
  2368. Zahra Stardust, University of New South Wales
  2369. Zainab Mourad, Western Sydney University
  2370. Dr Zali Yager, Victoria University
  2371. Zara J Bending, Macquarie University
  2372. Zarlasht Sarwari, Western Sydney University
  2373. Dr Zazie Bowen, Australian National University
  2374. Zenn Urbi, Queensland University of Technology
  2375. Dr Zim Nwokora, Deakin University
  2376. Dr Zoe Robertson, Swinburne University of Technology
  2377. Dr Zora Simic, University of New South Wales
  2378. Dr Zsuzsa Millei, University of Newcastle