National Day of Action 2020


Academics for Refugees together with the Refugee Council Education Special Interest Group has called a National Day of Action, focusing on refugee and asylum seeker access to higher education.

The National Day of Action will be held on Tuesday 7 April 2020.

We invite network members to take action in support of the campaign on their local campuses on the day and on social media. Possible actions include:

  • a public reading
  • signing an open letter to the University Board (editable templates to be provided below)
  • signing and posting a letter to the Chancellor (editable templates to be provided below)
  • individual photo opportunity with statement on a whiteboard/poster that says “I support full access to higher education for refugees because ….[insert text]” (templates to be provided below)
  • Group photo with campaign hashtags and posters (provided below)
  • A post-it wall with responses to the prompt “I support full access to higher education fore refugees because…”

Please see below for posters and other resources that can be used for local campaigns on individual university campuses. We will be further updating these resources in mid-March 2020.

The National Day of Action supports and amplifies the #StudentsLikeUs campaign that highlights the injustice temporary protection visas (SHEV and TPV) and bridging visas in limiting educational access, participation and success.

This campaign aims to influence higher education sector policy by calling on all universities to:

  • offer study packages (fee-waiver scholarships, stipends, supports, work opportunities) to Refugee Temporary Protection (RTP) and Bridging Visa (BV) holders;
  • coordinate their responses to make it easier for students to apply to study;
  • design, implement and continuously improve targeted supports and services to RTP focused on participation, success and transition out of their studies through case management support, and the development of clear pathways to subsidised tertiary education (TAFE and HE)

Campaign Resources:

  • NDA Posters
    • General publicity poster (download here)
    • Detailed campaign poster (download here)
    • Poster to be personalised for particular university that currently does not offer any scholarships (download here)
    • Poster to be personalised for particular university that currently  does offer a limited number of scholarships (download here)
  • Campaign Factsheets (download here)
  • Sample Letters to VCs about access to higher education for students on RTPs and BVs (available soon)