About Us

Formed in 2013 in response to increasingly harsh policies in Australia towards people seeking asylum, the Academics for Refugee Network fosters cooperation among academic scholars aimed at achieving human rights for asylum seekers and refugees.

With a focus on humane policies for asylum seekers and refugees, the Network aims to:

  • Exchange academic and advocacy expertise;
  • Identify ways to engage, communicate with and influence policy-makers;
  • Effect change in policy-making processes, outcomes and implementation;
  • Disseminate academic research findings to assist advocacy aimed at achieving human rights.

Open to all academics and researchers concerned with these aims, the Network invites scholars from any discipline, as well as those who are not actively conducting research or writing on the issue, to take part. Through an inclusive approach, we hope to attract those who utilise diverse strategies to raise awareness and contribute to policy change.

Not politically affiliated, our Network has a broad membership base.

Academics for Refugees Steering Group

The Steering Group of Academics for Refugees consists of:

  • Prof Linda Briskman, Western Sydney University
  • Prof Stephen Castles, University of Sydney
  • Dr Sara Dehm, University of Technology Sydney
  • Dr Lucy Fiske, University of Technology Sydney
  • Dr Caroline Fleay, Curtin University
  • Prof Sandra Gifford, Swinburne University
  • Dr Lisa Hartley, Curtin University
  • Prof Harry Minas, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Antje Missbach, Monash University
  • Prof Philomena Murray, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Amy Nethery, Deakin University
  • Prof Klaus Neumann, Swinburne University
  • Prof Louise Newman, University of Melbourne
  • Prof Sharon Pickering, Monash University
  • Dr Jordy Silverstein, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Anthea Vogl, University of Technology Sydney